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AI Genius Review: Transform Your Website to Sales Machine

In this AI Genius review, I will show you software to create a small piece of code for adding an interactive audio and video contact form to any website. So, this allows your customers to reach you through various channels. Please stay until the end of this review, as I’ll also discuss the bonus offers on the sales page and from my side.

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So let’s get started with the AI Genius review.

What is AI Genius?

AI Genius is a new AI app that can improve your business with only one code line. It is first like this, change any website, blog, funnel, or e-commerce store to a talking lead and sales machine. Using AI video, voice, and screen capture, AI Genius helps you make big money of $542.43 daily.

The good thing is that you do not need any code skills, technical skills, or experience to use AI Genius. You can easily add this reliable tool to your website with an easy copy-and-paste—no more hard setup and trouble.

See the fantastic chance of AI Genius as it makes a wrong website from fail to big win, making big monthly money of $16,774.56. Take the future of business using AI’s power and give your people a fun and good experience.

What Makes AI Genius So Special?

This is what I thought about AI Genius when I first heard about it. I felt it would be a typical app, but I was wrong. It is not like the other apps. AI Genius is entirely different; it brought a new revolution in the online world. Moreover, it is a compelling app with many unique features, functionalities, offers, and bonuses. Let’s look into all of them:

  • See the first app in the world that lets you talk with your customers in real-time.
  • Get many video messages, voice messages, and video records from your customers.
  • Make your sales and leads more by only copying one code line.
  • No more boring contact forms, and use the talking power of AI Genius.
  • Get to ask clients for up to $997 to use your AI Genius platform.
  • Have 500 GB free store and 500 GB free band.
  • Easy join AI Genius with the most autoresponder, make your list-building fast.
  • No more hard setup; only need to copy one code line.
  • Change your widget easily; pick from many colors, fonts, and designs; no need for code or design skills.
  • Use full training that teaches you everything.
  • Relax with a 30-day money-back promise, making a no-risk experience.

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How does AI Genius work?

I told you AI Genius provides a short piece of code you can copy and paste before the on your website. This code acts as a web widget. It is an interactive contact form that your customers or website visitors can use to send questions, feedback, or anything they want to know in the form of video messages, voice recordings, and screen recordings instead of just text.

You receive email notifications when they send you their message. You can then access your AI Genius account. Then you can watch or listen to the video or audio. After that, you can reply to your customers or website visitors in the form of video or audio replies. It is a straightforward process.

AI genius only takes 4 clicks to do the work for you in automation. All you have to do is first sign up and create your account. AI Genius is a cloud-based platform, so you don’t need to download any software. After signing up, your account will be automatically created.

Now follow these 4 steps to put AI Genius to work for you:

  • Log in to your AI Genius account.
  • Create and customize your own widget without any Coding knowledge.
  • Copy the widget code and paste it on your website.
  • Start generating leads and sales through interactive contact forms and video recordings.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

AI Genius Review

Benefits of AI Genius

Crush Any Objection: By communicating instantly with your customers via interactive channels, you can give them all the support they need. This will leave them with no option but to buy.

Connect With Your Customers: Build a better relationship with your traffic and customers, drastically increasing your Life-Time-Value. Meaning you will earn more from the same traffic.

Build A Massive List: Start building a massive list of super-targeted customers who already know, like, and trust you, thanks to the interactive channels you built.

16x Your Sales With No Effort: This is so powerful it feels illegal. With the new communication channels we build, we experience a massive increase in sales. Not just us, all our members too.

ZERO Coding Required: You don’t need to know any coding to install our widget. All you need to do is copy one line of code. And that’s it.

Integrate With EVERYTHING: It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using. AI Genius works with ClickFunnel, Convertri, Shopify, WordPress, Custom Scripts, etc.

No Extra Cost: You don’t need any extra app or service with AI Genius. It has everything you need.

No Extra Work: You don’t need to do any configuration or installation. Setup once, and enjoy it forever.

AI Genius Testimonials and Results

There are people who have used AI Genius before its official launch. Let’s see what they say about it and what results they got:

Customer Reviews
What people are saying about this interactive tool
Earnings made by people with the tool

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How Communication in Business is Important

The world is very fast, and communication is very important for business. People who used AI Genius before its launch say it’s great and very transformative. Businesses can use AI Genius by just copying a piece of code, which is very new and very smart. This can literally improve any business.

This innovation solves a big problem; The problem is communication. Statistics show that 50% of marriages end due to a lack of communication. If no amount of communication can break love, think about what to do with business.

Businesses need to communicate well with customers and know what customers want. Nothing can lose opportunity and money. Businesses lose money yearly because they must respond to customers quickly and well.

Big businesses like Apple, Amazon, and Tesla spend money on customer support teams. Even in stores, people help customers find what they want. AI Genius delivers a new way to quickly solve communication problems and improve business.

How AI Genius Could Revolutionize Customer Communication

In the ever-changing world of online business, finding good and cost-effective ways to communicate with each website visitor or lead is challenging.

In the old way, a large customer support team would have been too expensive, and talking to each customer individually would have worked. But they have better ways to change the way they talk to customers.

Imagine you have a three-way feature to communicate with every visitor to your website, page, funnel, blog, e-commerce store, or any URL you want. Therefore, this is the place where you need the New Age of Interactive AI with AI Geniuses.

You can use AI for messages with the new AI thing from AI Genius. Customers can send voice, video, and screen messages and have personal and special conversations like never before.

This new thing lets you respond to each customer manually or use AI. By responding to customer questions and problems faster, you can make more money and improve your business.

AI genius works great for business. Many people are happy, but bad websites and businesses are good six-figure businesses. Talking well with customers and knowing what customers want is very important.

The AI Genius dashboard keeps track of everything business, and it’s easy to manage customer conversations with a single click. Businesses that use AI Genius to make up to 13x more money have more leads, sales, and money on any platform.

Ease of Use

Using AI Genius is very easy. One piece of code can turn any URL into a huge earning and sales machine on platforms like Wix, ClickFunnels, Shopify, WordPress, Convertri, or others.

It doesn’t matter how much you know; AI Genius lets you communicate without problems. Take advantage of every opportunity now and say hello to the future, where every customer will do good things for business.

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Discover the Powerful Features of AI Genius

Here Is What AI Genius Can Do…

Feature 1: AI Interactive Communication

Without doing anything technical, just by copying one line of code, you will have the world’s best interactive communication on your website, blog, or eCom store. You will allow your customers to send you video messages, voice recordings, and screen recordings.

Feature 2: 17x Your Sales and Leads

You will skyrocket your sales and leads by eliminating all the obstacles from your customers’ end. Many studies show that almost 87% of customers do not purchase because they need more information. You will provide them with just that by giving them an interactive way to communicate with you.

Feature 3: Integrate With ANYTHING

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using; AI Genius works with all of them. ClickFunnels, Shopify, Wix, Convertri, WordPress, Custom Scripts, and more. All you have to do is copy one line, and you’re good to go.

Feature 4: Customize Your Widget With AI Dashboard

With AI Genius, you can customize your widget to suit any website or blog you have. Make your AI Genius widget look perfect for you and your brand. Likewise, you can change background colors, fonts, font size, position, welcome message, display name, and more.

Feature 5: Capture Unlimited Interactive Messages

We removed all the limits from your end. Receive as many messages as you want. This includes video messages, voice recordings, and screen recordings.

Feature 6: Unlimited Media Storage Space

You need to have cloud space to receive and save all of those videos and voice recordings. Luckily, AI Genius comes with unlimited free storage, enough to last you for years and years (Fun fact: Google Drive charges you $19 for just 100 GB).

Feature 7: Unlimited Bandwidth

We want you to use the full potential of AI Genius. We included unlimited bandwidth for sending and receiving messages.

Feature 8: Real-Time Email Notification

Get ‘Real Time’ notifications whenever you get a video, voice, or screen message. Keep track of all your received and sent messages in one place.

Feature 9: AutoResponder Integration

Connect your email autoresponder directly to your AI interactive widget and build unlimited buyer leads. Get more leads and sales, and get more from your customers. Easily gather contact details, testimonials, feedback, and so much more.

Feature 10: AI Inbox Manager

We keep everything organized for you. We use AI to sort all the messages for you and make it incredibly easy to manage and reply to your customers.

Feature 11: Step-By-Step Training

We leave nothing to chance. We created an in-depth training program that will take your hand and show you how to use AI Genius to get the most out of it.

Feature 12: Commercial License Included

Use AI Genius on your clients’ websites, blogs, or eCom store. This alone will give you an extra income stream that will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. We charge up to $997 per client for using AI Genius.

Feature 13: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

There is no risk to you. It’s simple, you get MASSIVE results with AI Genius, or we will refund every penny you paid for it. No questions asked. We don’t play games. We protect our reputation with everything we have.

Get AI Genius: Affordable Now! Massive $281 discount!
Just pay one time, not every month.

Who created AI Genius and Why?

AI Genius is created by Seyi Adeleke, a well-known online businessman who knows much about affiliate marketing. He created several new software and tools using AI to help businesses perform multiple tasks.

Seyi also created popular AI tools such as Brainbox, Vox AI, and Ink AI. He loves helping other business people and marketers do well with AI.

Seyi Adeleke - the creator of AI Genius

Seyi earns a lot of money, and the customers trust him. He has a big idea for AI Genius, the new thing to change how we talk to customers.

Seyi Adeleke is an AI genius because he knows communication is key to getting attention, trust, and sales. He wanted to create something that would allow businesses to communicate with the customer personally and specifically, unlike the old text talk.

Seyi wants to use AI to learn and do more while saving businesses time and money. He works with many great business people and has put a lot of time, work and love into creating AI Genius, which uses new technology and learns how people think. AI talent comes from his dreams, hard work, and innovative ideas.

Get AI Genius: Affordable Now! Massive $281 discount! Just pay one time, not every month.

What Niche is AI Genius For?

AI genius can work for any sector. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, CPA marketer, blog owner, product creator, e-commerce seller, local business owner, or agency owner, and you want to make more money and grow your business, you need AI Genius .

It doesn’t matter where you are, AI genius works everywhere; You can easily expand a business or start a new business. With AI Genius, you earn money online no matter what you do; It is good for all people who do business and marketing.

The Complete AI Genius Package for Business Domination

AI Genius Includes EVERYTHING You Will Need To Dominate Your Competition:

1. AI Genius App

  • The only app you need to level up your business.
  • Eliminates the need for additional tools or apps.
  • Valued at $997/month.

2. AI Genius Interactive Communication

  • Open a 3-way communication channel with your customers to supercharge conversions.
  • Enhances customer engagement and interaction.
  • Valued at $997.

3. AI Genius Widget Customization

  • Customize your widget to align perfectly with your brand.
  • Change colors, font size, position, and more.
  • Valued at $997.

4. AI Genius Widget DFY (Done For You)

  • No installation or configuration required.
  • Simply copy one line of code and you’re good to go.
  • Valued at $997.

5. AI Genius Mobile EDITION

  • Operate AI Genius from your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, or tablet).
  • Stay connected and manage your business on the go.
  • Valued at $497.

6. Training Videos

  • Comprehensive training materials with in-depth explanations.
  • Covers everything you need to know about AI Genius.
  • Valued at $997.

7. World Class Support

  • Prompt and reliable support from our dedicated team.
  • Assistance with any questions or issues you may encounter.
  • Valued at a significant level.

This complete AI Genius package provides all the tools, customization options, training resources, and support necessary to dominate your competition and achieve unparalleled success in your industry.

Get AI Genius: Affordable Now! Massive $281 discount!
Just pay one time, not every month.

Get AI Genius: Affordable Now! Massive $281 discount! Just pay one time, not every month.

Exclusive Bonuses with AI Genius Experience

AI Genius Exclusive Bonuses

After you gain access to AI Genius, you will receive instant access to a bundle of bonuses specifically designed to amplify your results and accelerate your success. These bonuses are not random additions – each component has undergone months of development and refinement. Today, they will be yours for free.

AI Genius 6-Figure In 60 Days LIVE Event

Gain VIP access to our live mastermind event where you will receive the exact blueprint we use to generate six figures in just 60 days with AI Genius. This invaluable resource alone is worth 5 times the price you pay today, and it comes as a complimentary bonus.

(Value: $1997)

AI Genius VIP Website Builder

Effortlessly create stunning, professional websites, blogs, funnels, and pages in just minutes with our AI Genius VIP Website Builder. No technical skills or HTML knowledge required. Seamlessly integrate this tool with AI Genius to transform the websites you create into interactive sales and lead generation machines, driving your business growth.

(Value: $997)

AI Genius Traffic Booster

Uncover top-secret tips and strategies to drive a flood of targeted traffic to your AI Genius interactive website, blog, e-commerce store, page, and funnel. Undoubtedly, AI Genius Traffic Booster system solves all your traffic problems and empowers you to attract an avalanche of visitors who are genuinely interested in your offers, ensuring continuous sales and growth.

(Value: $697)

AI Genius Social Media Automation

Tap into the power of AI Genius to automate your social media presence and attract millions of users to your interactive websites effortlessly. This automation works seamlessly across various social media accounts integrated with your AI Genius app. Start leveraging the potential of social media to drive engagement, expand your reach, and boost conversions without any extra effort.

(Value: $497)

AI Genius Internet Marketing Goldmine

Discover the easiest and most effective strategies to create a profitable online business that generates income while you sleep. Learn how to scale your results from three to six figures per month and beyond. Moreover, this bonus equips you with the knowledge and insights necessary to achieve remarkable success in the world of internet marketing.

(Value: $697)

Transform Your Business With AI Genius

People who transformed their business with AI genius

Unlike anything else on the market right now, AI Genius is a revolutionary tool that has been successfully used for the past 23 months with no failures. Join hundreds of profitable members who rely on AI Genius to generate impressive results for their businesses.

Get AI Genius: Affordable Now! Massive $281 discount! Just pay one time, not every month.

What’s the Price of AI Genius?

The actual cost of AI Genius is $16.95 which is a one-time fee. But I can offer you a discounted price of $14.95.

If you go directly to the official website of AI Genius, you will not get the discounted price. But if you buy AI Genius from my link anywhere on this page, you get the discounted price of $14.95.

Amazing isn’t it?


One thing I want to tell you is that this early bird has access to an AI genius. So you’re getting it at the discounted price of $14.95 with no monthly fee. But as time passes the price will increase.

The price will not only go up to $17 but much more than that. It’s going to be $997 per month. This is a huge amount.

It’s not like that?

So, act now and secure your copy of AI Genius at this discount. You are not only getting this one software but also many other great bonuses.

Discover the Unbeatable Value

Wanna Know How Much It Costs?

In simple words, AI Genius is PRICELESS.

It’s the first app of its kind that opens up AI interactive communications with your traffic, regardless of the platform you use. While it could be priced at tens of thousands of dollars, they are offering it at a fraction of that cost, less than the price of a cheap dinner. This is an opportunity to cover the cost of servers running AI Genius and start profiting.

Can I Purchase it Later?

But You Have To Be Quick… While AI Genius is impossible to saturate, their servers have limitations. To ensure optimal performance, they have to limit the number of licenses available. After reaching the limit, the price will increase to $997 monthly. Take action now and secure your copy of AI Genius at a discounted rate.

Get AI Genius For A Massive $281 Discount

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Embrace Success with AI Genius


Listen… It’s really simple.

If you’re tired of the current market chaos and rising prices, then AI Genius is for you, period. Designed to be a life-changing system, AI Genius offers you the chance to change your life with just a few clicks. They created this solution specifically to help people like you break through and succeed.

Is there any Guarantee?

AI Genius has 30 Days Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee. AI Genius is not one of those untested apps. We know what it’s capable of. However, in the unlikely event that you fail to use AI Genius for any reason, we insist that you send us an email. If you don’t make money, then they don’t deserve your money. They will refund every penny you paid and provide you with additional software as a gift for trying it out.

AI Genius Includes EVERYTHING You Need to Dominate

With AI Genius, you will receive a comprehensive package to propel your business ahead of the competition.

Valued at $10,367, this package includes:

  • AI Genius App
  • AI Genius Interactive Communication
  • AI Genius Widget Customization
  • AI Genius DFY
  • AI Genius Mobile Edition
  • Training videos
  • World-class support, and
  • Valuable bonuses.

Get AI Genius: Affordable Now! Massive $281 discount! Just pay one time, not every month.

What if I Miss Limited-Time Discount

Remember… You don’t have a lot of time. They will remove this huge discount once we hit their limit. While it will still be worth it, why pay more when you can pay a small one-time fee today and get access to everything?


Do I need any experience to get started?

None, all you need is just an internet connection. And you’re good to go.

Is there any monthly cost?

Depends, if you act now, none. But if you wait, you might end up paying $997/mo. It’s up to you.

How long does it take to make money?

Our average member made their first sale the same day they got access to AI Genius.

Do I need to purchase anything else for it to work?

No, AI Genius is the complete package. You get everything you need to make it work. Nothing is left behind.

What if I failed?

While that is unlikely, we removed all the risk for you. If you tried AI Genius and failed, then they will refund every cent you paid and send you extra software as a gift to apologize for wasting your time.

How can I get started?

Awesome! All you have to do is click the link below and secure your copy of AI Genius at a one-time fee.

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