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Passive Domination Review – Is This Autopilot System Worth It?

Introduction: Passive Domination

I will write an honest review of “Passive Domination” in this article. I chose to write a review about Passive Domination because I know the creator of Passive Domination, one of the most humble and genuine coaches on the internet. I’ll tell you more about the creator of Passive Domination, but before I do, let me write a little about Passive Domination.

Passive Domination is an auto-pilot affiliate marketing system that allows you to make money even when you are not actively working. The name itself suggests how you can dominate passive income. It is a proven system that has worked for the creator and his students.

Passive Domination offers a brand-new affiliate marketing system with DFY funnels, training, worksheets, DFY email marketing set-up, coaching calls, community support, and much more.

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Creator of Passive Domination

The creator of Passive Domination is Priyanshu Gupta, whose upbringing was in a humble, middle-class Indian family. He literally struggled in his initial days. Priyanshu shifted to Canada a couple of years ago for higher studies. He worked part-time in restaurants and shopping malls.

Alongside his studies and part-time work, he started creating content on social media and built a strong following on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. From there, he started affiliate marketing.

After struggling and working for 3 years with dedication, he built a successful affiliate marketing and coaching business. Eventually, he made hundreds of thousands of dollars online through affiliate marketing and his coaching business. He also impacted the lives of many people who had a dream to become successful in their life.

Priyanshu is one of the top affiliates of the ListLion Affiliate Program and Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Program.

Now he has come up with a proven system called “Passive Domination” for affiliate marketers and aspiring internet marketers who want to create a similar impact and make money online.

He brought Passive Domination into view because he doesn’t want people to go through the same hurdles for years. He brought this autopilot system so that one can get started with an online business with fewer skills, putting in less effort, and spending fewer years to achieve results.

There are a lot more achievements about Priyanshu, and if I start writing about them, I think it may take the entire article.

Get Instant Access to Passive Domination by Just Paying $1

How Does Passive Domination Help You Make Money?

Passive Domination is a complete suite of courses, coaching programs, training, live calls with experts, and community support mainly focused on creating an autopilot affiliate marketing system within 15 minutes and earning your first commission in 60 minutes.

But does it really work?

Let’s dive deep, we’ll look at Passive Domination and help you decide if it’s a good investment.

There are basically three phases that you will go through when you join to create your autopilot passive income system.

Phase 1: Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.

Passive Domination’s first phase says they have a secret of making money with affiliate marketing. They say this secret will help you reach your goals. In this phase, you will discover the power of online business by implementing some secret strategies.

Phase 2: Build Your Online Business in 15 Minutes

In the second phase, Passive Domination says they will help you build your own online business. They promise to show you how to pick products and write emails in 15 minutes. In this step, you will practically find the right product and you will learn the secret of copywriting for email marketing.

Phase 3: Get Traffic and Earn Money Every Day

Once you have your online business, Passive Domination wants to help you get customers and make daily money. They say they have strategies to attract good customers and make more money. When you will join it, they gonna reveal exactly how they do it.

Bonuses to Help You Succeed

Passive Domination also gives you some extras to make the deal better. They offer a “Done For You” business system with templates, a call with an expert, access to a private group for support and networking, and weekly coaching calls to answer questions. These bonuses can be helpful and give you more support.

Get Instant Access to Passive Domination by Just Paying $1

Who is the Passive Domination Program for?

The Passive Domination Program is made for people who are genuinely interested in starting or growing an effective affiliate marketing business that brings in $1,000 per month.

Both newcomers and experienced marketers are welcome to participate in this program since it provides them with the skills and techniques they need to succeed.

You may be confident that the program’s detailed, step-by-step Blueprint will seamlessly walk you through the entire procedure even if you lack technical experience.

Passive Domination is the go-to program for anyone wishing to create a sustainable online income stream from scratch because it gives you access to special insights and strategies that secure your success in the world of affiliate marketing.

Get Instant Access to Passive Domination by Just Paying $1

What’s Inside the Membership Area?

Membership Area of Passive Domination

The above image shows a snapshot of the membership area of Passive Domination. Now, I will provide you with details about what you can see inside the members’ area and what you can expect to learn from it.

This is where the entire program is hosted, serving as your learning platform. You will have access to all training, automation tools, and all the resources that were promised when you signed up for the Passive Domination course.

Now, let’s go through each section in the members’ area, and I will explain what you can expect to learn and what type of resources and training you will receive. Additionally, I will cover topics such as joining the Affiliate Program and how to join the support community, and how to have conversations with the experts. Let’s get started.

Section 1: Get Started

The start part of the Passive Domination Course is made to help you get started on your journey and earn passive income through affiliate marketing. This part is divided into six phases, each focusing on specific aspects of building a successful online business.

In Phase 1, you will be asked to join the private Facebook community.

Next, in Phase 2, you will get training about earning commissions. The process of joining and selecting a product will be explained in detail and give you the necessary resources.

Moving ahead to Phase 3, you will learn about driving traffic and get insights about secret sources of traffic generation from one expert. The expert will share knowledge and strategies to help you master this important part of your business.

Phase 4 will give info on booking a call with experts, including creator Priyanshu. You can book a free call and discuss your further steps or refine your strategies with them.

In Phase 5, you will find out strategies to double your earning. They will share proven techniques and strategies to help you maximize your potential income.

Phase 6 focuses on understanding how the Passive Domination affiliate program work. You will learn about accessing the program, the commission structure, and how to keep your position as an affiliate marketer in the program. Detailed info about the program will be provided so that you can make decisions with the information.

The above-mentioned is the content covered in the “Get Started”. As I said earlier, you will have access to many resources and support during your journey in the course.

Get Instant Access to Passive Domination by Just Paying $1

Section 2: Secret Traffic Sources

There is only one lesson in this section, and it is titled Secret Traffic Sources. You will discover in this session how Priyanshu uses his secret traffic sources to generate tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since they are private, the hidden traffic sources and tactics won’t be disclosed in this piece. However, you may anticipate a huge boost in traffic if you put these strategies into practice.

You won’t believe the quality of the traffic, which will produce amazing outcomes. Amazing lessons that disclose all of Priyanshu’s money-making techniques will be revealed in this section.

Section 3: Build Automation System

In the third section of the Passive Domination course, you will learn how to build an automation system for your online business. In this section, the experts will teach you a step-by-step guide on setting up an effective automation system that saves you time and makes you money on autopilot.

The first lesson covers setting up your automation system. They will guide you through creating automated workflows and integrating different tools and software to increase the efficiency of your business. This includes automating repetitive tasks, email automation, and optimizing your sales funnel.

The second lesson covers buying a professional domain. You’ll learn best practices for choosing and purchasing a domain name that suits your brand and business goals.

In the third lesson, you’ll receive training on authenticating your email to ensure deliverability and build trust with your audience.

The fourth lesson provides detailed instructions on how to verify your professional email. You’ll learn the steps you need to take to validate your email address, which is essential for establishing credibility and avoiding problems with spam filters.

In the last lesson in this section, you’ll learn strategies for driving targeted traffic to your funnel or offer. You’ll learn the secrets to sending traffic to your automated system so that the traffic never stops flowing and you make money consistently.

Please note that some resources and additional materials will be available in the lessons.

After completing this section and implementing all the strategies, you will already have your own automated money-making system.

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Section 4: Passive Domination Pro

We will discover the mindset required to launch an online business in this section. You will learn how to develop a visionary and money-making mindset, which is essential for anyone who wants to realize their goals.

This training is completely beyond the normal teaching that you have heard about mindset. It is a completely new degree of understanding regarding mindset. You most certainly haven’t encountered this kind of information previously.

Additionally, you will discover the fundamentals of affiliate marketing in the subsequent class. This covers the important elements you should take into consideration as well as the core fundamentals and principles of affiliate marketing.

There are numerous more considerations in affiliate marketing in addition to the sale and promotion of goods. Covering these fundamentals and laying a solid foundation will be the main priorities.

That encapsulates the topic of this section.

Section 5: Solo Ads Mastery

The first lesson in this section will cover Solo Ads Mastery. In order to market your offers, you can buy ad space in the emails of other marketers in the form of solo ads.

Priyanshu employed this technique to amass an email list of nearly 24,000 subscribers, demonstrating the effectiveness of solo advertisements. You will learn in-depth details about Solo Ads Mastery in this lesson.

You will explore Email Marketing Mastery in the following lesson. Everything from creating efficient email sequences to creating catchy subject lines that boost open and click-through rates is covered in this session.

Additionally, it offers advice on raising open rates, click-through rates, and engagement. This part contains a lot more insightful lessons, but it would take a long paragraph to discuss them all. You can be sure that this video will offer a wealth of useful information that will be very helpful to you.

Section 6: Viral Organic Mastery

As the section’s name suggests, here you will learn something about Viral Organic Marketing Strategies. Now, look at each chapter and see what you’ll learn.

The first lesson in this section is the TikTok introduction. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of TikTok marketing, how to set up your account, its functionality, and the benefits of using TikTok. You will also learn about some of the secret sauces of TikTok Basics.

The next chapter is about choosing your location on TikTok—many people who start creating content on TikTok post random content without limiting their area. So here, Passive Domination experts will reveal some secrets of choosing a niche on TikTok that can really help in earning money even with fewer followers.

In the third lesson, you will learn about the factors of viral content. You’ll get training and implement strategies on TikTok to make your content go viral. Priyashu is about to reveal how he grew his massive following on TikTok and built a 6-figure business.

In the fourth lesson, you will learn about the factors that affect TikTok views. You will get instructions on creating the right TikTok content, the style of creation, how to engage the audience, the right time to publish, the right way to publish, and many other factors. These factors have really influenced the massive growth of Priyanshu and his students on TikTok.

There is no special training in the last lesson. Passive Domination will offer you further help with TikTok marketing in the last lesson. If you want to move forward on Tiktok and earn money through Affiliate Marketing on TikTok, you can take their help.

Section 7: Google Ads Mastery

The third module of the Passive Domination course is titled “Google Ads Mastery.” From the fundamentals of Google AdWords to more complex methods for directing targeted visitors and promoting your products, you will learn them all.

The first lesson is titled “Google Ads Fundamentals.” You will learn about Google Ads in this article, including what it is, how it functions, what features it has, and how to create successful ad campaigns.

Your next course will cover “Conversion Pixels Setup.” This article focuses on using conversion pixels to track conversions efficiently. You will discover how to install conversion tracking tags on your website or the website of the vendor, such as WarrorPlus.

You will learn about keyword research in the third lesson. The Passive Domination experts will show you how to use Google Keyword Planner to select the ideal keywords for your campaigns in this course. Your mind will be blown by this course as it demonstrates in detail how Priyanshu and his students can generate sales by selecting the appropriate target keywords.

The fourth lesson covers writing for advertisements. This lesson covers how to create better ad copy for your Google Ads campaigns in this session.

You will discover how to efficiently set up and optimize search ad campaigns in the section’s discussion of “Search Ads Campaigns,” which is also covered. You’ll learn cutting-edge techniques to raise ad relevancy, raise click-through rates, and raise the general effectiveness of your campaign.

You will have access to a variety of helpful tools, such as templates, tutorials, and case studies. Therefore, throughout the Google Ads Mastery area, these tools will further improve your learning process.

Section 8: Launch Jacking Mastery

The Passive Domination Course’s eighth section is “Launch Jacking Mastery.” This lesson will help you master launch jacking, a great approach for profiting from product debuts.

This section begins with “Launch Jacking Foundation.” Launch jacking fundamentals like identifying successful product releases, conducting market research, and choosing the best products to advertise are covered here. You’ll also learn about launch jacking and how to position yourself to maximize profits.

In “Launch Jacking Mastery,” you will learn more about this method. Learn advanced product launch strategies. This includes appealing reviews, captivating copywriting, and optimizing promotional efforts to attract high-converting traffic. So, Launch Jacking lets you become an expert and make money from new products.

Section 9: YouTube Ads Mastery

In the ninth section of Passive Domination, we have Youtube Advertising Mastery. In the first lesson, you’ll learn from the basics of YouTube advertising to advanced levels of YouTube advertising.

You’ll learn how to create video creatives to increase clicks, sales, and profits. You’ll learn how to run YouTube videos for affiliate marketing and selling your own digital offers. All in all, you’ll have mastered the art of creating and running profitable YouTube ads.

In the second lesson, you will learn about Youtube Ads Optimization. You will learn how to optimize YouTube video ads to make them high-performing ads that can really drive good results and ROI. Priyanshu is going to share all the secrets behind his successful advertising campaigns.

Section 10: Bonus

This is the last section of Passive Domination. In this section, you will be offered a bonus eBook called “Learn to Earn.” There will be no training in this section, but you will get this valuable eBook to increase your online earning.

Note: In the future, Passive Domination will have many more sections and chapters in the Membership Area. So, these chapters will answer all your doubts and help you solve your problems in the online arena. This will help you boost your success.

Now let’s look at the pricing of the Passive Domination program.

Passive Domination Pricing

Passive Domination pricing starts at a minimum of just $1. This is designed to provide access to the basic program, specifically the “Getting Started” portion. You will gain access to Section 1, which covers the basics of Passive Domination.

Additionally, you can become an affiliate marketer and promote Passive Domination. You can also join their Facebook group and will get access to other resources. All these benefits are available when you pay $1 to access Passive Domination.

This access is valid for seven days, during which you can explore and learn from the program. By purchasing the product for $1, you can also participate in affiliate marketing and secure a position as an affiliate of Passive Domination.

Furthermore, there is an additional product available on the Order Bump page. The product is called Secret Traffic Sources, and it costs $17. It is optional whether you choose to purchase it. You will gain access to the member’s area if you purchase it.

Passive Domination Lifetime Program Pricing

After making the initial purchase of $1, you will be redirected to an upsell page. Here, Priyanshu will offer another product for $97. To continue as an affiliate marketer and maintain access to the Passive Domination program, you must pay $29 monthly.

However, an alternative offer of $97 will be presented on the redirected page. This offer provides lifetime access to Priyanshu’s program and removes the need for monthly payments of $29.

With this option, you can maintain your position as an affiliate marketer and have lifelong access to the Passive Domination program.

Passive Domination Pro Pricing

To access everything inside the members’ area, including all the training, materials, resources, and done-for-you offers, you need to purchase Passive Domination Pro. The pricing for Passive Domination Pro is $297.

With Passive Domination Pro, you will receive all the benefits mentioned in the previous section. This includes access to all the resources and many additional bonuses. You will get access to the weekly live coaching calls with experts, including Priyanshu Gupta, who will assist you in solving any problems you may encounter.

This final offer will help you to build your automated system, as mentioned in the program.

By paying $297, you will become a trusted affiliate and receive an 80% commission on any sales you generate. You will also receive several bonus offers when you purchase Passive Domination Pro.

Let’s briefly discuss the bonuses you will receive when accessing the passive course.

Passive Domination Bonuses

Here are all the bonuses that you will receive when you purchase the Passive Domination program:

  1. Private Community ($2,997 value): Join a supportive network of like-minded individuals to collaborate and learn from.
  2. Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls (PRICELESS): Get direct access to industry experts and the program creator for personalized advice.
  3. 80% Commission on Affiliate Products ($997 value): Earn substantial commissions and fast-track your financial success.
  4. 6 Figure Done For You Funnel ($4,997 value): Accelerate your progress with a ready-to-use, high-converting sales funnel.
  5. Proven Email Swipe Files ($1,997 value): Access pre-written, high-converting email templates to boost your open rates and sales.
  6. Advanced Training on Paid Ads ($2,997 value): Master paid advertising to drive targeted traffic and increase your affiliate earnings.
  7. Viral Organic Marketing Trainings ($997 value): Harness the power of social media and content marketing to attract organic traffic.
  8. White Label Affiliate Marketing Course ($997 value): Create and sell your own affiliate marketing courses for additional revenue streams.

Along with that, you will gain access to exclusive bonuses:

  • FREE Personal Consultation Call with an Expert ($247 value)
  • FREE Done For Your Business Setup ($297 Value)
  • FREE LEARN TO EARN BOOK ($297 Value)

You’ll get some of these bonuses when you make a one-time payment of $97 or $29 monthly. But you’ll get access to all those bonuses when you buy Passive Domination Pro by paying $297.

Sign up to get these cool bonuses NOW!

People Who Say Passive Domination Works

Passive Domination was released on WarriorPlus on May 25th, 2023. Since then, this course is giving excellent results to the students. Students have seen real results in just a few months, which I’ll show you below.

Apart from this, many students who have received coaching through Priyanshu Gupta’s Side-Hustler program have brought really amazing results. Not only this but in recent times many new students with Passive Domination courses brought “WOW” results.

We will not only highlight the results of the Side-Hustler program and Passive Domination in this review, but we will also feature the comments and endorsements of those who have personally experienced Priyanshu Gupta’s skills and the life-changing effects of his Passive Domination Course.

Earning sceenshot of people who made money with Passive Domination
People earning testimonials after implementing Passive Domination

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Passive Domination understands the importance of providing a risk-free opportunity for its customers. Therefore, they offer a 100% money-back action-based guarantee.

It’s simple: all you need to do is follow the program step by step and put in the effort to implement everything you learn. If, within 30 days, you haven’t seen any results and can provide proof of your efforts, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected].

They believe that if they can’t help you make money, they don’t deserve to keep your money. Rest assured, they are committed to your success and want to ensure that you have a risk-free experience.

Conclusion: Should You Join Passive Domination?

Passive Domination is an exciting way to make money online with its autopilot system. I recently joined the Passive Domination program and have seen immense value within the program.

If you are someone who is not tech savvy or you do not have enough technical skills or you do not want to waste your time by consuming free content and spending years to get results, then this program is right for you.

For a beginner, I would highly recommend going with the program and Priyanshu’s teaching. In case, if you think that you can grow your business without any mentorship or any program, it will take 3-4 years to get massive results.

But, if you go with Passive Domination then I can assure you that your journey of struggle will be short. That’s what I think, but it’s entirely up to you whether you should go with the program or not.

Before buying, think about your skills and how much effort you want to put in. It takes time, hard work, and improvement to build a successful online business. So, if you’re ready to learn and work hard, Passive Domination might be a good choice to help you reach your money goals.

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