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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: A Detailed Guide

Getting Started with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

In this post, we will review a step-by-step guide on high-ticket affiliate marketing and how complete beginners can start earning $100 to $700 a day with no prior experience.

Did you know that the US affiliate marketing spend is expected to reach $8.95 billion US dollars by 2023? This means that normal, ordinary people like you and me can make money and get a piece of that pie. However, the only problem is that when people get started, they focus on recommending products that do not give them high commissions, such as toilet paper or books.

The secret, especially for someone with no experience whatsoever, is to tap into what is known as high-ticket affiliate marketing. This is because you can earn more commissions, sometimes even $1000 or more, for every single sale.

Before we get into that, let’s break down all the steps you need to take to make money with high-ticket affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept. Essentially, it’s the process of being responsible for a sale, either via word of mouth or by influence. This means that if you recommend a product or service to someone and they buy it based on your recommendation, you get a commission.

Beginners’ Understanding of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High-ticket affiliate marketing refers to affiliate marketing in which you earn a commission of $100 or more per sale. This can make hitting your income goals much faster, as you need fewer sales to reach your targets. The idea of earning sales worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars may terrify beginners. However, high-ticket affiliate marketing can be a successful opportunity for you if you use the right tactics and goods.

High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing’s Advantages

Affiliate marketing with high ticket prices has a number of advantages. First of all, you make more money with fewer transactions and typically require less effort. Second, the sales personnel and process are already in place, so you don’t need to physically deliver the product or make sales over the phone. You can do this from anywhere in the globe, even while you’re sleeping, and even generate passive revenue.

How Much Money Can You Make?

While the potential earnings from high-ticket affiliate marketing vary, they can be substantial. For instance, if the commission rate is 70% and the product costs $1,000, selling it might earn you up to $700. You can earn up to $7,000 per week and $28,000 per month if you can close at least 10 sales every week. This is the potential of high ticket affiliate marketing, but how well you market the product and drive sales will determine how successful you are.

This image is a screenshot of an earnings report, specifically from one of the high ticket affiliate programs that I used to promote when I was a beginner. If you're not familiar with affiliate marketing, high ticket programs refer to products or services that have a high price point. So, this image shows two different earnings reports from that program
My Earnings (2021) with one of the High Ticket Affiliate Programs

How to Start a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business

Starting a high-ticket affiliate marketing business can be profitable, but it requires a specific approach. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to get started with a high-ticket affiliate marketing business.

The First Step: Identifying a Deep-Seated Pain Point

Finding a significant pain problem is the first step in launching a high-ticket affiliate marketing firm. Someone will pay more for a solution the more unpleasant the problem is. For instance, if someone has foul breath, they might spend $1–$2 on toothpaste to quickly address the issue. However, people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to see a dentist if they have a severe toothache that interferes with their ability to work, sleep, or maintain relationships.

You should concentrate on four areas: health, prosperity, love, and happiness to find a deep-seated pain spot. The majority of people most commonly experience discomfort in these locations. People may spend a lot of money on pricey supplements or gym memberships, for instance, to address their physical health issues. Similarly to this, companies may give affiliate marketers a high commission in order to attract more clients. In order to strengthen their relationships, people may also spend a lot of money on dating programs or courses.

When beginning a high-ticket affiliate marketing business, locating a significant pain issue is essential. Once a problem has been located, you can start developing and marketing products that offer a remedy. You may build a successful business in affiliate marketing by concentrating on the appropriate items and target market.

The Second Step: Picking a Platform

The selection of a platform to host your content is the second stage in developing passive income streams. There are numerous choices, such as YouTube, Pinterest, and blogging. A blog, for instance, can be used as a platform for you to write about your specialty and impart your expertise on passive income sources. While Pinterest can be a great platform to increase traffic to your website or affiliate products due to its sizable female user base. Similar to other platforms, YouTube may assist you in expanding your audience and promoting goods that are pertinent to your market. Even wealthy individuals in Bali who use Instagram to promote affiliate businesses and create content have found financial success. Decide on a platform that fits your niche and target market, then start producing useful content that will engage your audience and drive traffic to your passive income streams.

How Beginners Can Find High Ticket Products For Affiliate Marketing

One method for using affiliate marketing to earn big money is to concentrate on promoting expensive goods. We’ll look at where to find these products and how to market them successfully in this piece.

Finding High Ticket Products

There are many ways for finding high-ticket affiliate products to promote. One strategy is to start promoting the most expensive item you’ve ever purchased. Another strategy is to browse affiliate networks like ClickBank or ShareASale which provides a wide range of products for marketing. I have written an article on a high-ticket affiliate program called ListLion.

It’s crucial to take commission rates into account when browsing for expensive goods. For instance, although self-help and relationship books can provide profits of up to $1300 per sale, supplements can only pay commissions of up to $175 per sale.

Doing the Math

For beginners who want to make a living with high ticket affiliate marketing, you need to do the math and figure out how many sales you need to make each month. For example, if you need to make $5000 a month, you might need to make 10 sales of a product that offers a $500 commission.

Creating Content and Promoting High Ticket Products

Once you’ve found high-ticket products to promote, the next step is to create content that will attract buyers. One strategy for creating effective content is to use the AIDA formula, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

To apply the AIDA formula, begin by locating a significant need that your solution can address. The next step is to develop content that grabs the reader’s interest, builds desire for the product, and motivates the reader to act and make a buy.

High-ticket product promotion can be a successful tactic for affiliate marketers. You may create significant commissions and establish a prosperous affiliate marketing business by choosing the appropriate items, doing the arithmetic, and producing quality content.

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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing: The Three Steps to Success For Beginners

Step 1: Capture Their Email

Most of the time, high-ticket affiliate marketing involves collecting an email address by giving something away for free in exchange. This is because capturing their email is crucial for building a relationship with potential customers.

Step 2: Build a Relationship in the Back End

The money with high ticket affiliate marketing doesn’t come from the content itself, but rather from building a relationship in the back end. This is where having a list of emails comes in handy, as it allows you to communicate with potential customers on a regular basis. You have to follow the right way and the right tools for email marketing. By sending them interesting stories, recommendations, and other content, you can build a relationship with them and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Step 3: Multiply Profits

You don’t need to have strong brand loyalty with high-ticket affiliate marketing, which is one of its many benefits. There are thousands of high-ticket products that you can promote and make good money from. You can take a high-ticket product initially and then as you gain experience you can increase the number of affiliate programs. This way you can increase your profits manifold. Furthermore, it is not necessary that you start out like a professional; Instead, you can start with the resources you have and focus on driving people to your website and content.

Final Statement on High Ticket Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

High-ticket affiliate marketing refers to marketing products that give high commissions. It involves identifying deep-seated pain points and creating and promoting products that solve those problems. Beginners can earn $100 to $700 a day with high ticket affiliate marketing, depending on how well you market the product and generate sales. The benefits include higher commissions with fewer sales and the potential for creating passive income in your sleep. To start a high-ticket affiliate marketing business, you need to identify a deep-seated pain point, choose a platform, and find and promote high-ticket affiliate products. By focusing on the right products and the right audience, you can create a profitable business in affiliate marketing.