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List Lion Review: 5-Day Fast Track Challenge By Randy Maher

In this review, we will take a closer look at a program called List Lion. This program was created by Randy Maher. It is also known as a Five Day Fast Track Challenge. It aims to help you build an online business and generate an email list in just 5 simple steps.

In this post, we will explore the number of chapters included in the List Lion Affiliate Program and examine the program’s content. Furthermore, we will assess whether the List Lion Affiliate Program is the right fit for you.

Why Should You Read My Review on List Lion?

You may be wondering why you should read my review. You might be asking yourself if I am a genuine reviewer or if I have invested in the List Lion Affiliate Program.

Below this paragraph, you can see a screenshot of my member’s area. I have invested in the program with a monthly payment of $49 and I am a member of the program. This is why I can provide you with an honest review of the program.

Screenshot of the ListLion Program Dashboard

I will cover all the chapters, lessons, and details of the course so that you can make an informed decision. Then you can decide whether to purchase the program or not. Additionally, I will also share the benefits that I have gained from the program.

The List Lion Affiliate Program is an innovative high-ticket program. So, it’s important to have a thorough review before investing in it. I hope you find this helpful.

What is the List Lion 5-Day Fast Track Challenge?

The List Lion 5-Day Fast Track Challenge is a course designed to teach you how to build an email list and start affiliate marketing within just five days. The course is structured into five lessons, with each lesson having a specific task to complete.

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking to grow your email list, this program might be valuable for you. Initially, I wasn’t impressed with the program, but when I purchased the upgraded version in 2022, I found it to be more valuable.

The previous version was a three-day Fast Track Challenge with only three lessons. However, the upgraded version has five days and more chapters and lessons.

In addition to the program, you also get access to a Facebook group and done-for-you funnels. The program has a low chance of changing the funnel system. So this means there is not much flexibility in changing the funnel and other aspects.

The five-day challenge is specifically designed for affiliate marketers and email list builders. It is a low-ticket product that you can purchase for $7. But, there is a VIP program available after the initial purchase.

However, the first version might not be enough for you. To take it next level, you may need to upgrade to the VIP program to access more resources.

How does the List Lion Program work?

Now let’s see how the List Lion affiliate program works. When you sign up for the program with $7, you will get access to the List Lion member’s area dashboard. After joining the dashboard, you can start learning and implementing the strategies taught in the program.

You will also be asked to join their Facebook group and share your progress in the group. Within three days, you will get access to your done-for-you funnel and email list with 100 emails. You will also get access to an autoresponder in Email Octopus.

With these resources, you can start promoting affiliate offers or products from any network such as Clickbank or Warrior Plus.

As a List Lion affiliate, you can promote the same List Lion 5-Day challenge or its VIP program and earn good commissions.

In the member’s area of the List Lion program, you will learn how to use social media, especially TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook, to promote products and collect quality leads. After that, you will learn how to convert them into paying customers who will buy your affiliate offers.

When someone signs up through your referral link, you will receive leads, and when they buy the $7 product, you will earn a commission. If they upgrade to the VIP program, you can earn even bigger commissions.

What’s Inside the Members’ Area of ListLion Program

Once you get access to the List Lion affiliate program’s members area, you will see all the chapters and lessons, including the 5-Day Challenge videos. However, visually, there are no separate sections within the member’s area.

You will need to understand that there are practically three sections. First, if you buy the $7 product, you will only get access to the 5-Day Challenge. Then you will get access to the 5 pieces of training, which consist of only 5 videos. If you want to access the other videos, you will need to upgrade your membership.

The next section is for those who pay a monthly fee of $49. They will get access to other sections and videos, which I will explain later in this article. The third section is for VIP members who have upgraded their membership. This section contains everything.

Although visually, you will not see any instructions or separate sections, when you click on a specific video or chapter, you will sell that you have to upgrade to access them. You will not be able to watch the video or access the training materials if you have not paid for it.

So, let’s go through each chapter and see what is explained in it so that you can have a better understanding of the program.

Chapter 1: Introduction To List Lion

This is the first chapter in the List Lion program. The lesson title for this chapter is “Welcome to the List Lion Five-Day Challenge”.

In this video, Randy Maher welcomes you to the program and provides a brief introduction about how it started, what you will learn in the program, and other relevant information. This chapter serves as an onboarding experience for the program. It provides an overview of the List Lion program and its benefits.

Chapter 2: Day 1 – Let’s Get Started!

On Day 1, He will cover the following topics:

  • Before You Do Anything Else
  • Quick Intro To Affiliate Marketing
  • The Tools of the Trade
  • Conclusion

First, you will need to submit your email address so you can receive access to your autoresponder and your done-for-you funnel within 3 days. Then, Randy will give a quick introduction to affiliate marketing and share his basic three-step formula for building a mailing list. He will also discuss the tools needed for the trade. Finally, he will provide a conclusion for Day 1.

Chapter 3: Day 2 – Let’s Build Your Business!

On Day 2, you will be learning about the following topics:

  • Important: Don’t Skip This
  • Login To Your Brand New Autoresponder
  • The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
  • Our Facebook Group

In this section, Randy will explain the importance of not skipping any steps and guide you on how to log in to your autoresponder. He will also provide you with all the necessary resources and materials through a video tutorial. After that, you will need to log in to your brand new autoresponder, which is Email Octopus.

Next, Randy will explain how to build the perfect affiliate funnel, which is an essential component of affiliate marketing. Finally, he will encourage you to join his Facebook group, where you can share your progress and learn from others in the community.

Chapter 4: Day 3 – Fuel The Beast!

On Day 3, we will be learning about the following topics:

  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic
  • An Overview of TikTok
  • Fast Track Your TikTok Content
  • Another Great Source for Content Ideas
  • Day 3 Conclusion

In this chapter, Randy will cover how to get traffic and provide an overview of TikTok. He will teach you how to fast-track your TikTok content creation process and share some content ideas for TikTok. He will also introduce another great source of content ideas, such as Answer the Public. Finally, he will conclude Day 3.

Chapter 5: Day 4 – The Lions Den

On Day 4, you will learn about the following topics:

  • A Special Message on Mindset and Mentors
  • Creating Your Lions Den Account
  • Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Set Up Lions Den
  • Using the Lions Den for Instagram Reels
  • The Engagement Platform of the Lions Den
  • Day 4 Conclusion

In this section, Randy will help you create a Lions Den account. The Lions Den is a complementary tool that allows you to manage links on multiple social media platforms.

This is a syndication tool that helps you get organic traffic. By using this tool, you can get your pre-built funnel in front of more people, which can lead to more sales.

You can use this tool to manage your affiliate links on suggested platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also track the clicks on your links, keep track of the number of YouTube shorts, and even view your content feed.

Randy will also share a special message on mindset and mentors to help you succeed. Finally, he will give the conclusion of Day 4.

Chapter 6: Day 5 – Let’s Grab Success

On Day 5, Randy Maher will discuss email lists and how they are an asset. He will teach you how to build a solid email list, which will remain an asset for you forever. Randy will also cover what’s working right now and how to leverage your email list to make sales.

He will show you how to direct your subscribers to your Facebook page, engage with them, and make sales. You can also redirect them to your YouTube or TikTok videos and increase engagement. The more you engage with your subscribers, the more sales you can make.

List Lion Monthly Membership

After you’re done with the 5-day challenge, you will enter another chapter in this section called “What’s Next”. In this chapter, Randy Maher will introduce you to the monthly membership of the List Lion Program.

The cost of the membership is around $49 per month, and with this, you will get access to more important and interesting chapters. You will find a lot more valuable information here, and it’s not just small things.

If you pay for the monthly membership, you will get access to all the programs included here except the VIP one, which costs $997 to access. That’s all about this section.

What’s Inside the Monthly Membership?

When you sign up for the monthly membership of the List Lion program, you will have access to a wide variety of training materials that will blow your mind. You’ll have access to various social media marketing strategies, such as Pinterest marketing and Facebook marketing.

In addition, you will learn everything about email marketing, sales frameworks, and customer approaches in a chapter-wise manner. I hope you will enjoy this section, which is one of the best. I recommend reading every chapter to fully benefit from all the valuable information provided.

Full List Lion Membership

In this chapter, you will learn about several important topics, including an introduction to the monthly membership benefits, your affiliate dashboard, setting up your Stripe Express account, and the importance of mindset.

Once you purchase a monthly membership, you will receive a variety of benefits:

  • 500 additional subscribers/leads are added to your autoresponder each month.
  • 100 clicks of the best traffic source are sent to whatever link you want each month.
  • One link of your choice is added to the free traffic rotator each month.

You will gain access to a massive training section that is updated constantly. Also, you will get access to high-ticket courses, and 12 done-for-you funnels with your affiliate links every month. They will provide you with 100% complete support and assistance. Access to private Facebook groups for encouragement and support, as well as awards, prizes, contests, and more.

The chapter will also cover how to create and navigate your affiliate dashboard. You will also learn how to get links and promote them effectively. Additionally, there will be a complete video tutorial on setting up your Stripe Express account.

Finally, one of the most important topics covered in this chapter is mindset. Randy will discuss the kind of mindset you need for your marketing or online business to succeed.

Picking A Niche

In this chapter, Randy talks about picking a niche and choosing the right one to promote. He also provides a list of profitable niches that you can brainstorm and find the best offers to promote.

When you find a profitable niche, you can also find better products to promote. The list of niches includes health, relationships, and many more, including micro-niches. This section will help you choose the niche you want to promote.

Building The Perfect Affiliate Funnel

In this chapter, you will learn about the anatomy of a funnel, the importance of a lead magnet and how to create one, which software to use for building landing pages, what a bridge page is, and how to build one.

Randy Maher will discuss how he creates funnels using ClickFunnels, but it may not be the most cost-effective option.

He will also explain what a bridge page is in affiliate marketing, which acts as a bridge between two pages, for example, your opt-in page and the affiliate sales page for the product you are promoting.

All Things Email Marketing

In this chapter, Randy Maher explains why email marketing is still one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach your audience and grow your business.

He also guides you through the process of choosing the best email marketing software for your needs, based on features, pricing, and support.

He then breaks down the anatomy of an email, showing you how to craft compelling subject lines, headlines, body copy, and calls to action. Finally, he shares some tips and best practices on how to improve your deliverability and avoid spam filters.

Facebook Marketing

In this chapter, Randy Maher shows you how to leverage the power of organic marketing on Facebook. You will learn how to generate leads, and sales, and get loyal fans. He reveals some of the tips, tricks, and strategies that he uses to create engaging and viral content, grow his audience, and build trust and authority.

He shares his secrets on how to close high-ticket affiliate marketing sales with your personal Facebook profile using Messenger and Group.

As a bonus lesson, he also introduces you to his Facebook Masterclass, where he teaches you how to master the art of Facebook advertising and scale your business to the next level.

Profitable Networking

In this chapter, Randy Maher teaches you how to use profitable networking to grow your business and income. You will learn why this is a great strategy for beginners who want to build relationships, credibility, and trust with their target market.

He also outlines the two phases of networking: the attraction phase and the conversion phase. He shows you how to connect with infinite potential buyers who are interested in your offer and how to turn them into loyal customers and raving fans.

The Sales Framework

In this chapter, Randy Maher gives you access to some exclusive sales guides that are only available for List Lion members. These guides will help you master the skills and techniques of selling online and closing more deals.

He warns you not to share these guides outside of the membership, as they contain valuable and confidential information.

He also provides you with the links to download the FB Messenger Sales Weapon and the Exclusive List Lion Members Sales Guide. These two are powerful resources that will boost your sales performance.

Submit Your Link For Free 100 Clicks Each Month

In this chapter, Randy Maher reveals how you can get free 100 clicks to your offer as a bonus for joining List Lion.

Next, the video will tell you what you need to do to submit your link and get approved by him. He also gives you some tips on how to make the most of this opportunity and get the best results from your traffic.

He then directs you to click the button below to submit your link and start getting free 100 clicks.

Pinterest Marketing

In this chapter, Randy Maher introduces you to the world of Pinterest marketing and how you can use it to drive massive traffic to your offer. You will see an overview of what Pinterest is and what its mission is.

Then you will learn how to use the Pinterest mobile application and how to set up your profile, claim your accounts, and adjust your settings.

He then teaches you how to upgrade to a business account and how to create Pinterest boards, pins, and communities that attract your ideal audience.

He also reveals some tools and strategies that you can use to automate and schedule your pins, as well as how to interact with other users and grow your following.

Request VIP Program Custom Bonus Page

In this chapter, Randy Maher offers you a special service that will help you promote the High Ticket LIST LION VIP Program more effectively.

He explains how you can have a custom bonus page created for free. This bonus page will include your direct affiliate links and some irresistible bonuses. It will entice your prospects to buy from you.

He then invites you to click the button below to request your custom bonus page and get ready to make some big commissions.

Request A Rotator Link

In this chapter, Randy Maher reveals another awesome benefit for the monthly and VIP members of List Lion. In the tutorial, you will see how you can use a rotator link in your emails for free, which will allow you to promote up to four different affiliate offers with one link.

He explains how this will help you test and optimize your campaigns and increase your conversions and sales. He then instructs you to click the button below to submit up to four affiliate links and create your rotator link.

List Lion VIP Membership

The List Lion VIP membership is the ultimate package that includes everything, including the 5-day Fast Track Challenge. You only need to make a one-time payment of $997. Then, you will get access to all the training materials and resources.

Additionally, you will also get access to a VIP Facebook group, which is a private group where you can interact with other VIP members.

If you pay monthly for the program, you will still get access to the VIP Facebook group. However, when you pay $997, you become a VIP member of the program and get even more support. You can directly contact Randy Maher, the creator of the program, and get his support.

The VIP membership includes training on how to make high-ticket sales using Facebook’s organic strategy. You will learn how to use Messenger selling skills, how to convert people into customers in groups, and how to enter people into multiple groups.

So, if you want to learn Facebook organic marketing skills and make high-ticket sales, a VIP membership is a great option.

What’s inside List Lion VIP Membership?

As I mentioned earlier, inside the VIP membership of List Lion and Lead Program, you will have access to everything, including the List Lion affiliate program, the 5-day Fast Track Challenge, and even the monthly membership.

However, when you buy the VIP program, you will get access to everything from A to Z, along with all the necessary resources and support.

Now, let’s talk about the chapters. You will get additional exclusive chapters that only VIP members can access, such as Introduction to Facebook Organic Marketing, Let’s Start With The Basics, Become The Boss Of Content Creation, Your One Stop For Effective Prospecting, Messenger Magic, Stories To $$$$ and Struggling?

You will also receive special bonuses and if you want more.

Jasleen Kaur, one of the best in the field of affiliate marketing with Facebook, will provide you with all the Facebook training. She is an expert in messenger closing and will teach you how to prospect for new clients, interact with people in Facebook groups and convert them into customers.

Introduction to Facebook Organic Marketing

In this chapter, Randy Maher welcomes you to the Facebook Organic Marketing Training and Strategies course. You will get information about what you can expect to learn from this course and how it will help you grow your online business using the power of Facebook.

He also shares some of his background and experience in Facebook marketing and how he has been able to generate thousands of leads and sales without spending a dime on ads. He then encourages you to follow along and take action on what you learn.

Let’s Start With The Basics

In this chapter, Jasleen Kaur teaches you the basics of Facebook marketing and how to set up your profile for success. You will learn the core pillars of Facebook, which are your profile, your content, and your network.

In the video, she will teach you how to decorate your profile with a catchy cover photo, a professional profile picture, and a compelling bio. She also shows you how to create your signature ecosystem, which is a combination of your personal brand, your value proposition, and your offer.

She then emphasizes the importance of having a community on Facebook and how to build one that supports your business goals.

Become The Boss Of Content Creation

In this chapter, Jasleen Kaur shows you how to become the boss of content creation on Facebook and how to turn your content into cash. Then, she will teach you how to create credibility and authority via content on Facebook using your personal profile.

She reveals the secrets of content marketing and how to use your content to attract, engage, and convert your audience into buyers. She also gives you a content master plan that will help you plan and create your content with ease.

As a bonus, she shares 218 hook lines that you can use to capture attention and curiosity with your content.

Your One Stop For Effective Prospecting

In this chapter, Jasleen Kaur teaches you how to prospect effectively on Facebook and find your ideal customers. She shows you how to recognize golden prospects from time wasters and how to approach them without being salesy.

In the training, you will learn buyer psychology and buyer limiting beliefs that you need to understand and overcome. She helps you master the inner game for success and develop a positive mindset and attitude.

She also introduces you to the SMARTER technique and your personal sales funnel that will help you move your prospects from cold to hot.

Messenger Magic

In this chapter, Jasleen Kaur reveals the magic of using Messenger to close more sales and grow your business.

From here, you get the ultimate messenger game plan that will help you build rapport, add value, and create urgency with your prospects. She also shows you how to pre-qualify people in Calendly and how to set up appointments with them.

There are some tools, such as ElMessenger Pro, that can help automate messenger tasks for you.

Then, she will teach you how to conduct a seamless sales call that will overcome objections and close the deal. She also shares the secret to success – tonality – and how to use it to influence and persuade your prospects.

Stories To $$$$

In this chapter, Jasleen Kaur shows you how to make sales from stories featured on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

The video will cover the art of creating powerful and converting stories that will capture your audience’s attention and interest.

She guides you step by step on how to use stories to get quality leads and convert them to make high ticket sales.

She reveals the best practices, tips, and tricks that she uses to create engaging and viral stories that generate massive results.


In this chapter, Jasleen Kaur addresses the number one reason why you are not selling and how to overcome it.

She explains that the main reason why people fail to sell. It is because they lack confidence and belief in themselves and their offer. She shows you how to boost your confidence and belief by changing your mindset, improving your skills, and taking action.

After that, she will share some motivational stories and testimonials from successful students who have overcome their struggles and achieved their goals.

Special Bonuses

In this chapter, Jasleen Kaur gives you some special bonuses that will help you take your business to the next level.

She teaches you how to create your own evergreen assets that will generate passive income and leads for you. She also shows you what are the daily money-generating activities that you need to focus on to grow your sales and profits.

Then there will be an introduction to the awareness spectrum training, which will help you understand the different stages of your prospects’ awareness and how to tailor your marketing messages accordingly.

What’s More

So that’s what is covered in all the chapters that I have discussed in this blog post. As of now, there are no more chapters, but if they add more, I will update my blog post accordingly.

Each chapter contains not just one, but 4 to 5 videos, so you can get a lot of information from them. It will be beneficial for you to learn and implement the strategies discussed in each chapter. They provide training materials, videos, and other resources in every section.

Pricing of List Lion program

The pricing of the List Lion Affiliate Program starts with the $7 offer. If you buy this offer, you will get access to the 5-Day Fast Track Challenge.

The second offer is $49 per month, which provides access to most of the training and the private Facebook group. You have to pay $49 every month until you complete the program, which costs $997.

The third offer is VIP pricing, which costs $997 and provides access to the entire program, all resources, extra support, guidance, and direct contact with the program creator, Randy Maher.

It’s up to you to decide which offer you want to choose. I recommend starting with the $7 offer, and if you like the program, you can upgrade to the $49 offer or the VIP pricing.

List Lion Affiliate Program Earning Testimonials

Below are earning screenshots from successful List Lion Affiliate Program members who have not only earned a living but also built a thriving affiliate marketing business with the program. I have also recently earned commissions through the program.

Earning screenshot of $1000 from List Lion Affiliate Program
Screenshot of email showing the earing of commissions of List Lion Affiliate Program
Earning screenshot of $5000 commission from List Lion Affiliate Program.
Recent Earning screenshot from List Lion Affiliate program.

The List Lion Affiliate Program

If you want to promote List Lion and earn commissions, then you have to join their affiliate program. You can sign up for their affiliate program by visiting where they host on Clickfunnels. 

Note: ClickFunnels is a popular platform that allows you to create landing pages, sales pages, and complete funnels without any coding knowledge. But, if you don’t have the time or desire to create your funnel, you can use one of their pre-built funnels. 

Once you’ve joined, you can start sharing your affiliate link and earn commissions on any resulting sales. List Lion offers instant commissions once you’ve reached your payment threshold, and all you need is a Paypal account to receive your earnings.

Commissions and Higher Ticket Items

When you sign up for List Lion as an affiliate, you have the potential to make up to 50% commission on higher ticket products. You don’t have to buy the higher ticket item to earn a commission. But if you do, you can make up to $500 per sale. Even if you don’t want to sell ClickFunnels directly, you can still use their pre-built funnels to promote other affiliate products.

Affiliate Dashboard and Training

When you sign up for List Lion’s affiliate program, you’ll have access to an affiliate dashboard. You can view here your commissions, track your links, and access marketing materials. You’ll also have access to training on how to promote List Lion and use their platform effectively.

Building Trust and Relationship with List Lion Affiliate Program

I want to talk about one more thing about List Lion Affiliate Program. I think it’s important to reiterate that we should not focus on selling. Instead, we should concentrate on building trust and relationships.

Building Trust and Relationship

When you get someone into Facebook Messenger, remember that it has one purpose – to build trust and relationships with your potential customers. These two factors are the biggest reasons why people don’t buy straight away. That’s why you won’t see a significant influx of front-end sales when you send traffic on the first run. It takes time for people to know whether List Lion Affiliate Program is suitable for them and the solution to their problem.

Once you get your leads onto Facebook Messenger, this is your chance to get in touch with them directly. You can copy their email address from your affiliate dashboard. Then you can send them a private email through Gmail or your professional email account. Giving them your Facebook Messenger link is the most effective, straightforward, simplest, and most predictable way to get your conversion rate boosted and improved.

Qualifying Your Leads To Promote List Lion

However, it’s important to qualify them even more. They have just made a $7 commitment on the front end, and now you need to determine whether they are suitable to upgrade to make the List Lion program. You don’t want to sell them, but instead, you want to help them with their issues. Be their expert, go-to person, consultant, authority, and the one leading the conversation inside Facebook Messenger.

Asking Questions Before Selling List Lion

To create trust and relationships with your potential customers, ask them questions. A perfect example is going to the doctor. If you have a weird stinging pain in your right arm and you don’t know what it is, you go to your doctor. The doctor will ask you questions to determine the root cause of the problem. That’s what you need to do inside Facebook Messenger. Ask your potential customers questions to know more about their problems and provide them with the appropriate solutions.

Remember, selling won’t get you anywhere. Instead, focus on building trust and relationships with your customers. The moment you start selling, your customers will feel like you only want to sell them something. You don’t want that. You want to help them, be their expert, and their go-to person.

Bonuses from My Side for Joining the List Lion Program

Let’s talk about the bonuses you’ll receive when you join the List Lion program through my link:

Bonus eBook: If you join the $7 offer that is 5-Day Fast Track Challenge, you’ll receive my paid eBook that reveals how I made my first $600 passively with just a hundred YouTube subscribers.

Monthly Package Bonus: If you purchase the monthly package of $49 and continue paying for at least 6 months, you’ll get access to the eBook mentioned above and receive 100% support from me.

This includes consultation calls and assistance with any difficulties you may face. Additionally, you’ll receive training on how I made my first $1,000 with ClickBank.

VIP Membership Bonus: If you invest in the VIP membership for $997, you’ll receive even more valuable benefits. This includes weekly consultation calls with me for free, where I will guide you in building your funnels.

You’ll also gain access to my done-for-you funnels, email marketing strategies, and the eBook mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, you’ll receive a special offer from me for the Make More Offer Challenge by Myron Golden, a value of $97, which I will cover on your behalf.

These bonuses are exclusively available to those who purchase through my link and join either the List Lion program.

How to Claim the Bonuses

To receive the bonuses, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for the program, whether it’s the List Lion or List Program.
  • If you join the Five Day First Track Challenge, make sure to complete it.
  • If you purchase the monthly membership, ensure that you continue the subscription for at least six months.
  • If you opt for the VIP program, make the necessary payment.
  • After making the purchase, take a screenshot of the transaction.
  • Send an email to with the screenshot as proof of your purchase.
  • Once I confirm the receipt of your email, I will provide you with access to the bonuses.

Please note the following conditions:

  • Bonuses are only available to those who maintain their subscription or purchase for the required period.
  • Refunds may result in the forfeiture of bonuses.
  • Specific terms and conditions apply to the bonuses.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out via email.

My Final Words on List Lion Program

This concludes my complete review of the List Lion Affiliate Program. I have provided a detailed explanation of every chapter and the content inside, including the 5-Day Fast Track Challenge and the VIP program.

I also shared some testimonials, which you can see by joining the Facebook group.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in the program depends entirely on you. If you have big goals for building a successful high-ticket affiliate marketing business, then you have to invest in learning.

As I have highlighted both the pros and cons of the program, it is up to you to decide whether to join.

If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to reach out to me at