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ELMessenger Pro: A Full Walkthrough and Demo


Facebook is a powerful platform for entrepreneurs to generate leads and sales for their online businesses. To help with this, ELMessenger Pro is a useful tool that provides many benefits and functions. In this article, we will discuss the core benefits of ELMessenger Pro, including organizing your Messenger inbox, automating your outreach, following up with leads, and scaling through awesome automations. We will also provide a step-by-step demo of how to use ELMessenger Pro to automate outreach on Facebook.

Organizing Your Messenger Inbox

The first core benefit of ELMessenger Pro is organizing your messenger inbox. With this tool, you can create colour-coded tags, add a contact into a tag inside the messenger inbox, add notes to contacts inside the messenger inbox, and filter contacts based on tags, who responded last, or a note. You can also create message templates and use them as canned responses, which we’re going to get into in just a second. And, you’ll be able to remove contacts that are in a specific tag.

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Automating Your Outreach

After organising your messenger inbox, you’ll be able to automate your outreach. With ELMessenger Pro, you can create personalized welcome messages that rotate through different variations, the group render where you can add people and app members from a specific Facebook group, the post render where you can add and send a welcome message to people who like a specific post, or the common friend’s connector where you can add people from the people you may know column.

Following Up with Leads

ELMessenger Pro also makes it easier to follow up with leads. You can send broadcast messages to people in a specific tag, create advanced multi-message campaigns, and have a great back-office overview where you can see all your contacts. You’ll also be able to create Google calendar events and reminders within the messenger inbox.

Scaling Through Awesome Automations

Lastly, you’ll be able to scale through awesome automations with ELMessenger Pro. You can automate the engagement of your two-step or lead magnet post, integrate ELMessenger Pro to your GoHighLevel account or any wide-level version of that and create something called pipeline tags, and create and share almost pro frameworks. You can also create locked contact links.

In short, ELMessenger Pro allows any entrepreneur that is using Facebook to effectively find, connect, and convert their target audience using less of their personal time. If you’re a course creator, coach, affiliate marketer, or network marketer, and your target audience can be found on Facebook, ELMessenger Pro is going to help you do that much more effectively.

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ELMessenger Pro Chrome Extension

So, if you’re interested in trying ELMessenger Pro, it’s a Chrome extension, meaning that you will need to use the Chrome browser to download and use it effectively. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can open it up and start using it to organize your messenger inbox, automate your outreach, follow up with leads, and scale through awesome automations.

How ELMessenger Pro can help automate outreach on Facebook

If you’re looking to grow your network on Facebook, one of the most time-consuming aspects is reaching out to people individually. That’s where ELMessenger Pro comes in, with its automated outreach feature.

Creating message templates in ELMessenger Pro

ELMessenger Pro allows you to create message templates or welcome messages, allowing you to create different variations of a welcome message, so you don’t always send the same thing over and over again. You can even make it unique and personalized with their first name in it.

I previously discussed 6 AI copywriting tools in an article, which can assist you in creating message templates for communication with your leads, clients, or customers.

How to reach out to Facebook groups

You can use this feature to reach out to Facebook groups, Facebook posts, or the common friends’ section. You can create different tags to use across different Facebook groups to add people and directly reach out to them, even sending them friend requests.

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Segments and variations

Using message templates, you can create different variations of the welcome and the reach-out message using segments. Even if you’re sending out 20, 30, or 40 friend requests and messages, it’s always going to be a unique message, and you won’t be spamming the same message over and over and over again. As you can see, it’s personalized with a first name, and there’s commonality, so you know what Facebook group you added them from.

Using ELMessenger Pro on Facebook Messenger

You can use ELMessenger Pro on Facebook Messenger or the Facebook platform. First, pull up the Facebook group that you want to use it on. Ask yourself where your target audience is already hanging out, in what Facebook groups are they part, and in what communities they’re already part. Once you’ve found the group, open up ELMessenger Pro, and choose which category of people you want to add. In this case, you can choose members with things in common or people that are new to the group. You can even choose the tag that you want to be using.

Hyper-targeting your audience using ELMessenger Pro

The cool thing here is that you can hyper-target specifically who you want to add. If you only want to be working and adding people that are coaches, CEOs, founders, or anything along those lines, ELMessenger Pro can help. You can even add a profile tag to find the exact type of people you’re looking for. You can choose the number of requests you want to send and the send interval, which is how many seconds in between it is going to wait and pause before continuing with the next person.

ELMessenger Pro is a great tool to help you grow your network on Facebook. With its automated outreach feature, you can save time and still make personalized connections. The step-by-step video training and tutorials make it easy to set up, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

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How to Effectively Follow Up Using ELMessenger Pro

ELMessenger Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to follow up with your leads effectively and easily. In this blog post, I will show you some of my favourite features in ELMessenger Pro and how you can use them to follow up with your leads.

Sending Broadcast Messages to Specific Tags

One of the features I love in ELMessenger Pro is the ability to send a broadcast message to people in a specific tag. This is very useful when you want to let your leads know about a new event, a special offer, or anything you want to inform them about.

To do this, you can go to the back office and select any tag you have created. You will see all the people in that tag, and you can filter them if you want. You can also click on the messenger icon to open the messenger conversation you had with that person before and continue where you left off.

To send a broadcast message to everyone in that tag, you can choose the contact, select a message template, set the message interval, and assign a new tag if you want. Then click on “start send” to send the message to everyone. This feature is very powerful, and it allows you to send reminders, new offers, or anything you want to your leads easily.

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Using Multi-Message Campaigns

Another powerful feature of ELMessenger Pro is the ability to create a sequence of messages that will be sent out to a specific tag. This feature is called multi-message campaigns.

You can create a sequence of messages that people will receive when they join your Facebook group or when they sign up for a lead magnet. You can create up to 5 messages with different variations and set the message interval for each message.

To do this, you can go to the broadcast section and select “create new campaign.” Then you can select the tag you want to send the messages to, choose the message templates, and set the message interval for each message. This feature is very advanced, and it allows you to send a sequence of messages to your leads automatically.

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Conclusion: ELMessenger Pro

ELMessenger Pro is an effective tool for any entrepreneur using Facebook to connect with their target audience. By organizing your Messenger inbox, automating your outreach, following up with leads, and scaling through awesome automations, you can find, connect, and convert your target audience more effectively. With its message templates, hyper-targeting options, and step-by-step tutorials, ELMessenger Pro saves you time and makes personalized connections. If you are interested in trying ELMessenger Pro, download the Chrome extension and start using it today.

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