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Alex Hormozi Wife: The Untold Story of Leila Hormozi


Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough at something, even if you’re really good at another thing? It’s like there’s always a deficit that comes with strength. However, what if we accept and find those deficits endearing? That’s what Leila Hormozi – wife of Alex Hormozi, CEO of, and her partner Alex did.

In this episode, we are going to share her story of how Leila Hormozi started with no experience and turned into a successful businesswoman.

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Accepting Each Other’s Deficits

“Anytime you have somebody really good at something, they also usually have a pretty strong deficit on the other side, and it’s like to wish their deficit ways to wish away their strength right,” said Leila. “So I think for the two of us, we’ve accepted each other’s deficits and almost find them endearing.”

“What is your deficit?” asked Brian.

“I am not the most flexible person. You know, sometimes I can’t help but you know, Alex says books a meeting, and I’m like, well, why would you put that meeting there because if this meeting is right before it, then you’re going to need to do this document in between, and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, woman, can you stop?'” Leila answered.

“Alex is very his downside or his deficit is that he tends to always think he’s right more than not,” she added.

Many people are confused about Leila Hormozi’s gender. Most people think that Leila is either transgender or a man who transitioned to become a woman after surgery. But is that true? To uncover the truth, you need to read Leila Hormozi’s Gender Reality which debunks the myths surrounding her gender.

How Leila – Wife of Alex Hormozi, Started?

Leila started with no experience and went to school for exercise science, which proved to be pretty useless. She learned a lot about human physiology but didn’t learn much about business.

She knew she wanted to leave her hometown in Portage, Michigan, so she moved to California because Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and other successful people said so.

“I packed up my little Prius, drove out there, got an apartment, which ended up being like in the ghetto, which is why I could afford it, and I went and I mapped out in the walking distance where the closest gym would be,” Leila recalled.

She figured she could get a job at any of those gyms. So she applied and got a job offer from almost all of them. She picked 24-Hour Fitness because it was the quickest one that she could make money. The other reason was that she had only five thousand dollars after moving.

Leila’s story is inspiring for anyone who wants to start something without experience. She accepted her deficit and found it endearing. She didn’t let her lack of experience stop her from pursuing her dream. Instead, she mapped out a plan and worked hard to achieve it.

Accept your deficits and find them endearing, and always remember that it’s never too late to start something new.

The Hustle: Leila Hormozi’s Journey

In this section, Leila Hormozi talks about how she became the responsible adult in the room at a young age due to her mother’s multiple marriages. She then discusses how she started her journey as a personal trainer and the challenges she faced along the way.

Taking Charge at a Young Age

Leila Hormozi learned responsibility at a young age due to her mother’s three marriages before Leila turned 16. Leila had to be the responsible adult in the room, which helped her develop her leadership skills early on.

Starting as a Personal Trainer

Once Leila Hormozi reached 18 years old, she had to become self-sufficient. She began working as a personal trainer and had to work hard to secure sales.

Eventually, she decided to take all her clients to a private facility to increase her independence.

Despite this, she still felt that she lacked control and wanted to learn more about marketing. This desire coincided with the rise of Facebook, and Leila decided to focus on learning Facebook marketing techniques.

Learning Marketing and Sales

Leila Hormozi discovered a gym in Southern California with an owner who excelled at exercise, marketing, and sales. She took her clients and began teaching group classes there to learn marketing and gain more control over her schedule. Her goal was to acquire new skills and have more flexibility.

The Challenges of Learning Marketing

Leila Hormozi quickly learned that it was not any easier at the new gym. They didn’t use Facebook, and they were already growing organically.

To get more clients, they had to go door-to-door in the neighborhood of businesses and offer them free passes. They also handed out protein cookies to businesses. Leila realized that marketing was about the efforts to acquire customers or attention, while branding was about what you were known for.

Marketing creates the brand, whether good or bad, and advertising is a function of marketing. People form an opinion based on how they interact with you, and that becomes your brand.

Leila Hormozi’s journey as a personal trainer was not an easy one. She had to learn marketing and sales on her own, and it was a challenge to find a gym that aligned with her goals. However, her determination and willingness to learn led her to success in the fitness industry.

How did Leila -The wife of Alex Hormozi, Met Alex Hormozi?

How Alex Hormozi Wife (Leila) met Alex Hormozi
Source: Forbes – Alex Hormozi’s 4 Key Secrets To Scaling Your Business

Leila found her future husband on a dating app. His good looks and successful career immediately caught her attention. His profile indicated that he owned four businesses and enjoyed working out, two things they had in common.

After they matched, he messaged her and asked if they could talk on the phone instead of continuing to chat on the app. They had a conversation that lasted so long that he asked her all the questions he would have asked on their first date.

He then asked her out for frozen yogurt the next day, but Leila almost canceled because she was feeling sick. However, he convinced her to go, and they met in Costa Mesa.

Leila arrived first, and when her future husband arrived, she noticed that he wasn’t as enthusiastic as she was. They ordered frozen yogurt and sat down to chat, and Leila started worrying that he wasn’t interested in her. However, when he walked up, he saw a tattoo on her back and started worrying that it was a red flag.

Leila and her future husband hit it off, and they continued to date. They had their first child together before getting married, and now they have three kids and a successful business.

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The False Dichotomy: The Untold Story of Alex Hormozi Wife

This part of the “Untold Story of Leila Hormozi: Wife of Alex Hormozi” discusses the false dichotomy and self-limiting beliefs that held her back from achieving her goals. She also shares how making a gutsy move in her early twenties was worth the experience alone, regardless of the outcome.

The False Dichotomy

Leila talks about how she fell into the trap of a false dichotomy, where she believed that she had to choose between helping people and making money. However, she realized that it was a false choice, and she could have both. This misconception was rooted in her upbringing, and it took her some time to come out of it fully.

She realized that if she focused all her energy and was obsessed with the task at hand, she could get really good quickly. Leila’s assumptions were holding her back, and she underestimated herself. Her self-limiting beliefs, along with a scarcity mindset, held her back.

The Gutsy Move by Leila Hormozi, Wife of Alex Hormozi

To launch a gym with Alex, Leila took a bold step and left her apartment while getting rid of her lease. She had to cut some clients from her roster, but she converted others to online clients to keep some income flowing. She was determined to learn and gain experience regardless of the outcome, and she had some savings in the bank to fall back on if needed.

Although it was a gutsy move, Leila believed that even if she failed, she could return to her dad’s house, find work at a gym, and make a living. She was willing to take risks and put in the effort.

Falling and Getting Back Up

Leila acknowledges that she is now much further ahead than before and is more comfortable starting new projects. Failure and the humiliation that come with it no longer affect her as much, and she trusts herself to bounce back from setbacks gracefully.

Leila recognizes that most of the anxiety and fear surrounding failure was self-imposed, and she was able to leap because she realized that her fears were not grounded in reality. She learned that taking calculated risks can lead to personal and professional growth.

Leila’s story is a testament to how we can overcome our self-limiting beliefs and take action toward our goals. It’s essential to recognize the false dichotomies that hold us back and trust ourselves enough to get back up when we fall.

Business Risk-Taking with Leila Hormozi, Wife of Alex Hormozi

In life, there are moments when you have to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself, especially in business. Leila Hormozi, the founder of Gym Launch, had to take a risk that would change her life and business forever.

In this section, we’ll explore the events that unfolded when Leila and her team. They faced a major setback, and how they navigated the situation.

The Setback

Leila and her team were at a crucial point in their business when they faced a major setback. They had just quit their jobs, and were four days away from flying out for a business trip, but couldn’t access their money. Leila and her friends were supposed to front hotel, flight, and marketing expenses, but they couldn’t because they couldn’t access their funds.

To add to the stress, they had to sit through a two-hour movie, and Leila remembers taking her friend’s pulse, which was at a resting heartbeat of 120 due to the stress. Despite the situation, Leila remained optimistic and neutral during those times, even though she was obviously not. She became whatever she needed to be to help the other person, which helped them get through the situation.

The Solution

After the movie, Leila and her team went back to her parent’s house, where they had to figure out a solution. They had a credit card with a $100,000 limit from all the gyms that they had. Although the card had a large credit limit, they only had 30 days to make it back.

Leila’s friend, Alex, took out the card and said, “We’ve got to use it.” Leila agreed, knowing that they didn’t have any other choice. Although the situation was stressful, Leila and Alex were determined to make it work.

Challenges Faced by Leila Hormozi, Wife of Alex Hormozi

Alex had made some poor choices in the past that had put them in this difficult situation. He had gone into a head-on DUI and had partnered with someone who stole all their money.

Despite these setbacks, Leila and Alex kept pushing forward, knowing that they had to trust each other and work together to overcome the challenges.

Leila also recognized that Alex’s judgment was slightly distorted when it came to picking business partners. He was very optimistic, which was both his strength and weakness.

Without someone to balance him out, it was challenging to pursue new opportunities. However, Leila trusted him, even when things were tough, and they worked together to overcome the obstacles.

In business, setbacks are inevitable, and it’s essential to have the right mindset and attitude to overcome them. Leila Hormozi’s story is an inspiring reminder that sometimes taking a risk is necessary to achieve success.

Despite the challenges she faced, she remained optimistic and determined to make her business work. With perseverance, faith in herself and her team, and a willingness to take risks, Leila was able to overcome the setbacks and build a successful business.

Story of Business Ideas and Reputation of Alex Hormozi and His Wife

In this section, Alex and Leila discuss the efficiency of certain “boring” businesses, such as laundry mats. Alex suggests the idea of combining a gym or movie theatre with a laundry mat to make it more appealing.

They then move on to talk about Alex’s preference for more exciting businesses that are still low-risk and low-maintenance. Leila mentions Alex’s idea for a business that builds monetization vehicles for YouTubers, which he sees as easy due to his skill in that area.

Leila, however, expresses concern about the potential for customer dissatisfaction and the impact on the brand’s reputation. She believes that reputation is crucial to the success of a business.

The more complicated the business, the greater the margin for error. Customized done-for-you businesses, in particular, have a high likelihood of mismatched expectations and unsatisfied customers.

It’s interesting to see the balance between exciting business ideas and maintaining a strong reputation. While it’s important to have innovative and creative ideas, it’s equally important to ensure that those ideas align with the values and goals of the company.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and building a strong brand reputation, businesses can create loyal advocates who will champion their products or services.

The Efficiency of “Boring” Businesses

Leila and Alex begin their conversation by discussing the efficiency of certain businesses that are often considered “boring,” such as laundry mats.

Alex suggests the idea of combining a gym or movie theatre with a laundry mat to make it more appealing. This idea highlights the importance of innovation and creativity in the business world.

By thinking outside the box, businesses can find new and exciting ways to make themselves more efficient and appealing to customers.

Balancing Excitement and Reputation

Alex is an idea person who thrives on excitement and risk. However, Leila is more concerned about maintaining the reputation of the business and ensuring that customers are satisfied. This discussion highlights the need for a balance between these two perspectives.

Having innovative ideas is vital, but aligning them with the company’s values and goals is equally crucial. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and building a strong brand reputation, businesses can create loyal advocates for their products or services.

Efficiency and Business Attire: Insights from Leila Hormozi, Wife of Alex Hormozi

Leila Hormozi’s efficiency and attention to detail are well-known and translate into her personal style as well as her business practices.

In the seventh part of the video, Leila talks about her husband’s personal style and how it reflects his brand. While Leila likes to dress up and look “girly,” her husband prefers comfortable and functional clothing, such as jean shorts and flannels, for their efficiency. Leila admires his confidence and independence, which have influenced her own behavior.

Leila also talks about her business needs, specifically, the company’s efforts to expand and acquire new businesses. She mentions that they will need legal expertise.

The Vision of is a company that helps businesses grow through investment, media exposure, and implementation help. In this section of the video script, Leila Hormozi explains the vision behind the company’s media exposure strategy and implementation help.

Implementation Help’s team of subject matter experts in marketing, sales, CRO, HR, and finance sets them apart. They assist businesses in implementing changes to achieve their goals.

Initially, the team collaborates with the company to determine its desired direction and creates strategies for the present year, three years, and beyond. Next, they work with the founders or leadership team on projects to ensure the successful implementation of the strategy.

Moreover, aims to restructure deals in a way that is fairer for business owners. They also provide support, augmentation, and media exposure to aid businesses in achieving their goals.

In summary,’s vision is to help businesses grow through investment, media exposure, and implementation help. They select experts to assist change implementation, aiming to be the preferred company for business growth, offering media support and deal restructuring.