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Earn $1000 Daily With Google News (Make Money in 2024)

In this post, I will show you how you can earn up to $1,000 every day. The method I’m going to teach you today requires no selling, no prior experience, or even affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is literally copy and paste some text. And if you stick with me until the end of this post, I’m going to show you ways to speed up the process and ensure you make money every single time. Let’s get into it!

How to Use Google News to Find Article Topics

So the first step is to head over to Google News. You can visit or simply search for Google News on Google.

"Screenshot of the Google News homepage displaying 'Your briefing' with today's date and weather information, 'Top stories' featuring an article about an MLA killed in a road crash, 'Local news' section, and personalized picks for the user. The page has navigation tabs at the top and a search bar."

Now, you might be wondering how we’re going to make money with Google News.

This website constantly updates multiple times per day, delivering the latest news from all over the world.

What we’re going to do is choose a niche, and select a topic from the available options.

Let’s say, for example, we choose Health. From there, we’ll find brand-new, newsworthy articles in that niche. We’ll copy those articles and then move on to the next step.

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Choose a Niche and Copy Relevant Articles

So, we’re basically copying brand new articles, then we’re going to tweak them and sell those articles. Don’t worry, it’s super easy, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it step by step.

As you can see, we can choose any of these sub-niches related to health, such as:

  • medication,
  • healthcare,
  • mental health,
  • nutrition, and
  • fitness.

Let’s say we’re going to go with nutrition.

If we take any of these articles here, like “The Best High-Fiber Lunch According to a Dietitian.” Then you open the article, it’s actually from a site called Eating Well, where we can also submit articles.

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Rewrite the Articles Using a Paraphrasing Tool

If we copy the entire article, like this, and then head over to a site called SpinBot, we can choose the paraphrasing tool and paste the text there. Then, we click on “basic paraphrase.”

"Screenshot of the SpinBot online paraphrasing and grammar checking tool interface, with options to paste text for rewriting and view the rewritten text on the right. The page includes a top navigation bar with options like Text Spinner, Paraphrasing Tool, Grammar Checker, and Summarizer, and a note that advanced paraphrase provides 70% better quality output."

This tool allows us to rewrite the whole article. As you can see on the right-hand side, the article is now rewritten.

What you want to do now is copy this newly rewritten article and paste it into an empty Google Doc, for example, to save the article. This way, you have somewhere to keep the newly rewritten article.

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Find Websites That Pay for Published Articles

Now, you want to head over to Google one more time and search for “submit articles and get paid.”

This will bring up a lot of websites where we can submit articles, and if they accept, we are going to get paid. Sometimes, it’s even up to $1 per word, meaning an article could pay us $1,000 or even more.

If I scroll down, I can click on a link like “Get Paid to Write Articles: 21 Amazing Sites That Pay $100+.”

You can search for all these different places where we can submit our articles.

If we go back to Google and search exactly like we did, there are literally hundreds of websites where we can submit articles.

Each website will have guidelines to follow if you want to publish for them. At the end of the page, there’s usually information about how to submit your article.

This will differ from all the websites you visit—some will have a contact form, and some will want you to email them.

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Submit the Rewritten Articles and Get Paid

If you’re emailing them, just tell them, “Hey, I’m looking to submit an article,” and provide a brief overview of the article’s content along with your contact information.

You can do this on multiple sites because you will get rejected on some, but some will come back to you interested in publishing. If they decide to publish, you will get paid.

For example, let’s use Smashing Magazine. They ask for a proposed outline initially rather than a complete article.

"Screenshot of a Smashing Magazine webpage with a red header, featuring an article titled 'Writing A Smashing Article'. The page includes text about content quality and an illustration of a robot holding a pen."

Your pitch should include who the target audience is, what they will take away from reading the article, and why you are the best person to write it. Include links to other writing and details of your own experience.

You can have a bunch of articles in a PDF document, for example, and send them the link so they can see all the articles you’ve written before.

Your proposed outline should be 200 to 300 words with the main headings and details of what you will cover in each section.

To submit to Smashing Magazine, you would click on their contact form, fill it out, and send a message. That’s how easy it is to send an article submission request.

If you go back to Google, there are many websites where we can submit our articles and see if they want to publish them and pay us for them.

With Google News, you’ll never run out of fresh ideas to copy from, and with 100 sites to choose from to submit requests, you can easily land your first submitted article and make anywhere between $500 and $1,000. That’s how easy this is.

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Avoid Getting Rejected – Make the Articles Unique

Now, full disclaimer: you will be rejected multiple times. But you have to keep at contacting all of these websites one by one, some will eventually publish your work.

"Screenshot of the 'Writing & Translation' section on Fiverr's website, displaying various service categories such as 'Articles & Blog Posts', 'Translation', 'Ghostwriting', 'Proofreading & Editing', and 'Resume Writing'. The page includes a green banner with the text 'Get your words across—in any language' and an oversized ampersand symbol."

There’s another thing you have to consider. Some of these sites will actually tell you when you’re submitting your article, that if they detect if it’s AI-created or if it’s from a paraphrasing tool like Spinbot or Quillbot, they will reject it and blocklist you.

That’s just the way it is. So, to prevent that from happening to you, I want you to read the article you copied initially from Google News and truly understand it.

Before you decide on a niche to write about, maybe you should pick one where you actually have some understanding or interest.

For example, if you’re into health and fitness, writing about health would be a great fit for you. It is because you already have an interest in the niche and might even know a few things about the topic.

If you read and understand the article, you can add to it. After using the paraphrasing tool and having the rewritten article in a Google Doc, you can add to the story.

You can search Google for related topics and add that information to your article, making it more unique.

When you start adding to these stories and building out your article, even increasing it by 300, 400, or 500 words, it becomes even more unique.

They can never penalize you for AI content or paraphrasing because it’s now 100% unique to you.

That’s exactly what you should do—put in the work so you can submit more articles and start making money.

You Can Get Paid Through Multiple Methods

A lot of these websites will pay you through PayPal. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to PayPal. When they decide to publish your article, you can just tell them your preferred way to get paid.

It could be Bank Wire,, or whatever method works best for you. Just make sure to communicate your preference before finalizing the deal with them. There are plenty of ways to get paid, not just PayPal.

Outsource the Writing for Higher Acceptance Rates

So, I promised you a bonus method if this sounds too complicated. So, you’re thinking, “Indish, I don’t know how to add to these articles, and I don’t have the time to put in.”

Well, if you have some money lying around, I would highly suggest you head over to a site called

Just search for “articles” and “blog posts,”. You can find highly experienced writers and pay them anywhere between $10 and $15 to write the article for you.

Then, you don’t have to do anything; just give them the topic that you found on Google News and the guidelines from the website you want to publish to.

Tell them to write their own spin on this topic, ensuring they 100% follow the guidelines.

They will create a unique article for you that follows the guidelines and adds their own spin to the trending topic.

Now, you have a much higher chance of getting your article submitted and accepted.

You acted as a middleman by hiring or outsourcing the writing to somebody else. Even if your article isn’t accepted in 10, 15, or 20 places (which is unlikely), all you’ve spent is $15.

You have to spend another $10 or $15, or $50 outsourcing the job. But it will then only take one article to make $500 to $2,000 or even $1,500. That is a high return on investment.

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