freedom breakthrough 3.0 review with Jonathan Montoya

Jonathan Montoya Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 Review + Bonus

Welcome to my Jonathan Montoya Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 review, plus bonus.

Note: Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 was previously known as Freedom Accelerator. However, because a company had already registered this name, Jonathan changed the program’s name to Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 to avoid legal issues.

On today’s agenda, we’re going to cover:

  • Is Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 a scam?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it worth buying?
  • And are there better alternatives?

Make sure to stay till the end because you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Plus, I also have a special gift for you.

Watch the Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 review here:

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Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 Overview

What is Freedom Breakthrough 3.0?

So, what is Freedom Breakthrough 3.0?

It’s an online coaching program plus an automated system to launch an online business.

This program teaches students how to make money with affiliate marketing.
It was created by a man named Jonathan Montoya.

Jonathan is an ex-engineer who was able to leave his 9-to-5 job with affiliate marketing.

He is now a successful internet marketer who has created multiple sources of income online.

He also helped thousands of students to achieve financial freedom through his online programs.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then let me tell you.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote other people’s products or services, and when you make a sale, they pay a certain percentage of commissions.

How does Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 work?

So, how does this business model work?

First, you’re going to find a major problem to solve.

You can generally find a winning problem from either the health, wealth, or relationship niches. It could be how to lose weight or how to quit your boring job, etc.

Next, you’re going to find a solution.

For example, you could find an online course that teaches people how to make money or a weight loss supplement to help people with those problems.
Next, you’re going to build a system.

You’ll create an automated sales system built around the products you choose.

You’ll create a lead magnet, an email campaign, and more.

Fortunately, with Freedom Breakthrough 3.0, you don’t have to build the system on your own.

You will get an unfair advantage with software known as Funnel Freedom, where everything is pre-built for you.

It takes only a few minutes to set up, and you are all ready to go promote and make sales.

Next, you’ll create short videos (you can also create long videos or blog posts if you’re good at that).

Making short videos is one way to get traffic (which is effective and less time-consuming).

So, you’ll create short 5 to 15-second videos to get traffic into your sales system quickly.

These will be for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or anything else you’d like.
Then, you can also use direct messaging.

You can use direct messaging to close more sales and make more money.

Whoever engages with your content, you will reach out to them, talk to them, ask about their problem, and when you see that the solution to their problem is your affiliate product, you can sell it to them.

Eventually, as you gain more success, you can scale up.

This program provides additional strategies involving YouTube and hiring a team to scale up your business and make you even more money.

Is Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 a scam?

No, it’s not a scam.

Jonathan Montoya has a good reputation in the internet marketing community, and many of the strategies he teaches are ones that I’ve used in the past or am still using today.

I am also one of his customers, so I’ve bought his products before. I know he’s not a scam artist or anything like that.

Now, you might think that since I am writing about his program and will be making commissions, I may manipulate you.

However, there are hundreds of reviews available online about his courses.

His students have really achieved financial success with his program. I will include the testimonials in the testimonials section of this post.

If you still hesitate to digest what I am saying, you can do more research.

You can find videos and articles about his program, and then you may act.

Freedom Breakthrough 3.0: Pros & Cons


One thing I really like about Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 is that it holds your hand and walks you through.

You never really feel lost, even if you’re a beginner starting.

You never feel like you don’t know what to do.

It holds your hand and walks you through, making sure you never feel lost.

I like that there’s a variety of traffic strategies.

Maybe you really like short-form videos, or maybe you don’t, and that’s okay because there are other ways to get traffic into your funnel.

Jonathan Montoya has a lot of different strategies, and if you find one that you gravitate towards, you can focus more on that.

Also, he offers AI tools to save you a lot of time.

Yeah, the best part about this business is when people think of creative ways to save you time, like making your funnel or writing your copy, and Jonathan has a lot of AI ideas that can help you out.

Now, let’s go over the cons.


A lot of these strategies involve being on camera and being on camera can be uncomfortable.

Maybe you’re shy, maybe you don’t want to reveal your face for whatever reason, such as work reasons and things like that.

Some of those strategies are not going to be for you, especially short-form videos.

I think people have more success with it if they do show their face.

A program like this still ultimately relies on your time and effort.

What you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it. It’s not going to be like “Buy the course and you’ll instantly be a millionaire,” that’d be great if it was, but that’s just not how this course is.

Success also relies on market conditions.

It’s possible you could follow everything to a tee, and you might not just get a sale, and it might not necessarily be your fault; it might just be the market.

At the end of the day, it depends on whether the customer wants to buy, and that’s not entirely in your control.

Final verdict?

So, what’s the final verdict?

I would say it’s a great program, so both beginners and experts in making money online can follow the well-crafted training videos to get results.

However, this course is not a silver bullet and still relies on how much effort you put into it.

How to Buy Freedom Breakthrough 3.0?

So, if you’re interested in the program, you can learn more and purchase it from (Click Here).

If you are looking for a low-ticket offer, which is priced at $9 to get a taste of the system, or if you want to start building your online business system without going for the coaching, then you can try the $9 offer by clicking here: $72-Hour Challenge.

My Bonus Offer for You

I do have a bonus for you if you buy from my affiliate link.

If you purchase the course from this link or any link given in the post, I will give you a $2000 bonus free of charge, and that bonus is Premium Affiliate Coaching.

If you purchase the course from my link, I will give you 30 days of personal coaching with me, Premium Affiliate Coaching.

It’s going to be live video call and chat support-based, so we’ll have weekly live coaching and a WhatsApp group.

I promise to respond to you in the WhatsApp group within 24 hours all the time.

I’m a pretty busy guy, having two YouTube channels, Blog, Medium, and a few coaching students.

But still, I will make you the priority in my life to get back to you if you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing, your business, or anything else.

And you can talk to me about nearly anything.

Maybe you want to talk about business, or maybe you just want to talk about life, and I do have advice for that too.

Things I can help with: I can help with motivation and accountability.

I used to be in your shoes; I can give you tips on how to keep going and overcome challenges and obstacles.

In any business model you do, you’re inevitably going to run into challenges and obstacles.

I can help you overcome it because I was where you were before.

Also, health, nutrition, and relationships.

That may not directly be about the business, but they will affect it if they’re out of whack, and you want to make sure that you get it under control.

To get the bonus, just purchase the program from my link in the pinned comment below, take a screenshot of your receipt, and email it to me at

Just a warning though, make sure to clear your cookies first. When you are purchasing through my link, clear your browser cookies first and then click on the link; otherwise, it may not work properly.

Alternatively, when you have finally decided to buy, just open the link in a new incognito browser and make the purchase.

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Any alternative to Freedom Breakthrough 3.0?

So, what if you’re not interested in Freedom Breakthrough 3.0?

Are there any other alternatives?

I would say yes.

The alternatives to Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 are:

But every program I listed has the main goal of teaching you affiliate marketing and giving you a system to start an online business without starting from scratch.

But what makes Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 different is its coaching programs, easy-to-digest, 100% automated system, authority, and support system.

There are some business models other than affiliate marketing, like e-commerce, dropshipping, SaaS providers, freelancers, and coaching businesses.

But all the business models mentioned are not very easy to get started with.

So, this is why I have something for you: high-ticket affiliate marketing. It’s a business model where you sell other people’s products for $1,000 or higher.

What I like about it is there’s no need to create your own product, no need to handle customer service, no need to keep stock, no need to hire staff.

You can do this part-time or full-time; you can work from anywhere in the world.
There are very low startup costs, and you can work anytime you want.

You can use this to quit your miserable 9-to-5 job; you can create passive income for yourself, and most importantly, you can create time and financial freedom to do all the things in life that you love.

That sounds great!

So, how can you get started?

My Free Gift for Your Kickstart

You can get started by using my gift, and that gift is a free online course.

You can get my free online course by clicking the link below, and it’ll teach you everything you need to get started.

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So, this has been my Jonathan Montoya Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 review.

If you are ready to take action and want to get started with an online business risk-free, then you can join the Freedom Breakthrough 3.0 Program (14-Day Refund Period).

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