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$100M Leads Alex Hormozi: Release Date, Chapters, and Review

Introduction to $100M Leads Book by Alex Hormozi

I’d like to introduce you to the fascinating book “$100M Leads: How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff,” which will be authored by the talented Alex Hormozi.

Following the success of his first two works, “Gym Launch Secrets” and “$100M Offers,” this is Hormozi’s third masterpiece.

In this most recent book, Hormozi will guide readers through the realm of lead generation and demonstrate how to convert strangers into paying clients.

Unfortunately, the $100M Leads book has not been published or launched yet. However, recently Alex Hormozy announced that he is going to release the $100M Leads paperback edition on 19 August 2023.

But there is another GOOD NEWS as well. Let’s what’s the good news.

$100M Leads Free Live Launch Event

Alex announces that he is hosting a free live event on the date of the book launch. This live event is not an ordinary live event. After the success of the $100M Offers, he has been working on this “$100M Leads” project for the past 4 years. Therefore, he has many special bonus offers for free to people who join this program. Watch the video below to learn more about this launch event.

$100M Leads Launch Event

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A Little Information About $100M Leads

The book cover has already been unveiled in June, generating excitement for its impending arrival. Publishing will publish the $100M Leads book. This book is essential for business owners and marketers looking to maximize the potential of their enterprises.

Altogether, this book is a priceless tool for learning how to generate leads, develop enticing offers, and use smart marketing strategies thanks to Hormozi’s experience and tried-and-true tactics.

While specific details about the book’s content are not yet widely known, I have gathered valuable information from various sources, including insights from Hormozi himself.

In particular, he addresses the topic of quality leads, sharing innovative strategies to generate leads and nurture engaged customers.

In this blog post, I aim to provide an informative overview of these valuable insights, offering readers a glimpse into the book’s content before its official launch. Prepare to dive into a world of growth and success as you discover the power of “$100M Leads”.

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What to Expect from “$100M Leads” by Alex Hormozi?

Now, let’s discuss what you can expect after purchasing and reading the book. In “$100M Leads,” written by Alex Hormozi, you will gain valuable knowledge and insights about generating high-quality leads.

The information I have gathered comes from significantly reliable sources, including Google Books and Here are some key points you can expect to learn from this book:

1. Redefining Leads

How to define a lead from this point forward? You will learn why you should focus on engaged leads, not just leads. Engaged leads are those who have shown interest in your offer or lead magnet and have given you their contact information.

2. Transforming Leads into Engaged Customers

How to turn leads into engaged leads with an offer or lead magnet. You will learn how to create irresistible offers or lead magnets that solve a specific problem or provide a specific benefit for your target audience.

You will also learn how to deliver your offer or lead magnet in a way that builds trust and rapport with your leads.

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3. The Core Four

The only four ways we can let people know about the stuff we sell.

You will learn the four methods of reaching out to potential customers: people who know us, people who don’t know us but see our public posts, people who don’t know us but we contact them directly, and people who don’t know us but we pay to reach them through ads.

You will also learn the best practices and techniques for each method, such as:

How to Reach Out to People Who Know Us?

Ask them if they know anybody who might be interested in your offer or lead magnet. You will learn how to craft effective referral requests that motivate your contacts to spread the word about you.

How to Post Publicly: Hook, Retain, Reward?

Give until they ask. You will learn how to create engaging and valuable content that attracts and educates your audience.

You will learn how to hook their attention, retain their interest, reward their engagement, and give them so much value that they ask you for more.

How to Reach Out to Strangers?

Lists, personalization, big fast value, volume. You will learn how to find and contact your ideal prospects who are most likely to become engaged leads.

You will also learn how to personalize your messages, provide big fast value that solves their pain points or desires, and send enough messages to generate enough responses.

How to Run Paid Ads to Strangers?

Targeting, callouts, 3Ws, CTAs, client-financed acquisition. You will learn how to create and run effective ads that reach your target audience and compel them to take action.

You will learn how to target the right people, call out their problems or goals, explain the what, why, and who of your offer or lead magnet, use clear and urgent calls to action, and make your ads pay for themselves by acquiring clients who finance your advertising costs.

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4. Maximizing the Core Four

More Better. You will learn how to scale up your lead generation efforts by optimizing your processes and systems. You will learn how to:

  • Identify and overcome the bottlenecks that limit your current volume of leads. You will learn how to analyze your current situation and find the root causes of your constraints. You will then learn how to solve them by implementing solutions that increase your capacity and efficiency.
  • Find and improve the weak points in your advertising campaigns. You will learn how to test different variables in your ads, such as headlines, images, copy, landing pages, etc., and measure their impact on your results. You will then learn how to optimize your ads by using the best-performing elements and eliminating the worst ones. You will repeat this process until you reach a new constraint and then start testing again.

5. The Four Lead Getters

Customers, Employees, Agencies, and Affiliates. You will learn how to leverage other people’s resources and networks to generate more leads for your business. You will learn how to:

  • Get customers to refer other customers. You will learn how to create a referral system that incentivizes your customers to bring you more customers. You will also learn how to ask for referrals at the right time and in the right way, how to reward your customers for their referrals, and how to follow up with their referrals effectively.
  • Get employees to scale your advertising without you. You will learn how to hire and train employees who can handle your advertising tasks without your constant supervision. You will also learn to delegate responsibilities, set expectations, provide feedback, and monitor performance.
  • Get an agency to teach you new skills. You will learn how to find and work with an agency that can help you learn new advertising skills and strategies. You will also learn how to choose the right agency, communicate your goals and expectations, review their work and results, and extract the most value from their services.
  • Get affiliates launched and integrated. You will learn how to recruit and manage affiliates who can promote your offer or lead magnet to their audiences. You will also learn how to create an attractive affiliate program, provide the necessary tools and support, track and pay commissions, and motivate and reward your affiliates.

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6. When Advertising in the Real World

The Rule of 100 and Open to Goal. You will learn how to apply the principles and techniques from the book to real-world scenarios and situations. You will learn how to:

  • Use the Rule of 100 to estimate your advertising budget and return on investment. You will learn how to calculate how much you need to spend to get 100 leads, how many of them will become customers, and how much revenue they will generate. You will then learn how to compare your costs and profits and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Use the Open to Goal method to create a simple and effective advertising plan. You will learn how to define your goal, identify your target audience, craft your offer or lead magnet, choose your advertising method, execute your campaign, and measure your results.

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7. Mastering Advertising: The Seven Levels and the $100M Leads Machine

The seven levels of advertisers and the $100M leads machine in action. You will learn how to assess your current level of advertising skill and knowledge, and how to progress to the next level.

You will also see examples of successful advertisers who have used the $100M leads machine to generate massive amounts of leads and revenue for their businesses.

As you can see, “$100M Leads” by Alex Hormozi is a comprehensive and practical guide that will teach you everything you need to know about generating high-quality leads for your business.

By reading this book and applying its lessons, you will be able to grow your business faster and easier than ever before.

Important Tweets by Alex Hormozi about the “$100M Leads” Book

Below are some noteworthy tweets by Alex Hormozi regarding his upcoming book, “$100M Leads.” But, I will break down each tweet to help you better understand its content and significance.

Screenshot of Alex Hormozi's tweet from March 2022, teasing the upcoming book "$100M Leads" and indicating that he is currently working on preparing the materials for its release.
Screenshot of Alex Hormozi's tweet expressing frustration regarding the delay in sending the manuscript of the "$100M Leads" book to the editor for revisions.

First Tweet on $100M Leads

In his first tweet, Alex Hormozi shares his dedication to crafting the second book in the $100M series, titled “$100M Leads.”

He has a clear goal in mind: to provide valuable insights for his readers on generating top-notch leads for their businesses.

Alex recognizes that creating a truly exceptional book requires immense effort and unwavering commitment.

He isn’t satisfied with merely producing a good book; his aim is to deliver a book that surpasses expectations and earns the title of greatness.

This pursuit of excellence has led him to work on the sixth version of the book, determined to meet his own high standards before its release.

While he appreciates the excitement and curiosity of his fans who inquire about its completion, he kindly asks for their patience and understanding.

He assures them that the wait will be worthwhile, promising an extraordinary book that will exceed their expectations.

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Second Tweet on $100 Million Leads

In his second tweet, Alex Hormozi shares an exciting update about his upcoming book, “$100M Leads.”

He informs his followers that he has recently sent the eleventh draft of the book to his editor for feedback.

Alex expresses his satisfaction with the progress made so far, as each revision has contributed to its improvement.

While he acknowledges that the book still has some flaws and areas that could be enhanced, he is optimistic that it surpasses the previous draft in quality.

Alex is committed to putting in the necessary effort and time to refine the book until it meets his own high expectations.

His ultimate goal is to deliver a valuable and impactful reading experience for his audience.

Leverage Multiple Channels and Quality Leads for $100M Leads

He mentioned something about leads in one of the YouTube shorts, which is part of a longer interview with Alex Hormozi.

In the interview, he said, “You can increase your productivity by doing more of the same activity, doing it better, or adding another channel.

“For example, if I’m doing warm reach outs via cold calls, I could also incorporate emails as another platform to reach out. This way, I gain leverage.

What I just explained is like going from zero to one. You can do those four things on your own, without any employees or help, and still generate a million or two million dollars a year.” Alex said.

Alex says “However, to progress further, you need to add leverage. Since you have limited hours in a day, you must maximize the output per unit of time.

This leads us to the next four aspects: the quality of your inputs and the leads you acquire.

Ultimately, the goal is to obtain leads that convert into customers, affiliates, agencies, or employees. These four elements create the next level of leverage.”

So, by watching this short video, we can gain some insight into the content that will be covered in Alex Hormozi’s upcoming book, “$100M Leads,” which focuses on lead generation and obtaining high-quality leads.

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Alex Hormozi’s Video on Increasing Lead Quality

This video by Alex Hormozi was created two years ago and focuses on increasing lead quality. In the video titled “5 Ways To Increase Lead Quality (ALEX HORMOZI),” Alex shares valuable insights and strategies.

This provides us with an understanding of Alex’s perspective on leads and offers a glimpse into his upcoming book, “$100M Leads.”

Lead Quality Strategies for $100M Leads

The video presents various strategies to enhance lead quality. Alex emphasizes the importance of utilizing specific techniques to generate better leads.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can attract higher-quality leads, leading to increased success.

Strategy #1: Targeted Marketing

One of the strategies discussed in the video is targeted marketing. Alex explains that reaching the right audience is crucial for improving lead quality.

By focusing marketing efforts on specific demographics and interests, businesses can attract people who are more likely to convert into customers.

Strategy #2: Optimize Conversion Funnel

The second strategy highlighted in the video is optimizing the conversion funnel. Alex suggests analyzing and refining each stage of the funnel to maximize conversion rates.

This involves identifying potential bottlenecks and implementing improvements to enhance the overall customer journey.

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Strategy #3: Effective Follow-Up

Effective follow-up is another important aspect covered in the video. Alex emphasizes the significance of timely and personalized follow-ups with leads.

By nurturing relationships and addressing customer needs promptly, businesses can increase the likelihood of conversion and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Strategy #4: High-Value Offers

The video also emphasizes the importance of providing high-value offers to attract quality leads. Alex suggests creating irresistible offers that align with customers’ desires and pain points.

By offering significant value upfront, businesses can establish credibility and build trust with potential customers.

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Strategy #5: Data-Driven Approach

The final strategy discussed in the video is adopting a data-driven approach to lead generation.

Alex emphasizes the importance of tracking and analyzing data to gain insights into lead behavior and preferences.

Finally, by leveraging this information, businesses can optimize their marketing strategies and make informed decisions.

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FAQs on the Upcoming Book – $100M Leads by Alex Hormozi

What is the summary of 100 Million Leads by Alex Hormozi?

100 million leads is a book by Alex Hormozi that will teach you how to generate high-quality leads for your business using proven and practical strategies. The book will cover topics such as:

  1. Defining and attracting engaged leads
  2. Using the Core Four methods of reaching out to potential customers.
  3. Maximizing and scaling your lead generation efforts.
  4. Leveraging other people’s resources and networks.
  5. Applying the principles and techniques to real-world scenarios, and
  6. Assessing and improving your advertising skills.

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Where can I download the 100 Million Leads PDF for free?

It will be challenging to locate a free PDF version of the book “$100M Leads” as it has not yet been released. The publication of the book, which is still under revision, is anticipated for August.

Don’t obtain the PDF of the book without the author’s or publisher’s consent. Because it is strictly prohibited.

You may face legal issues. When the book is out, Amazon will sell both the paperback and the Kindle edition.

For more information about the publication of the book and to sign up for an email notification when it becomes available for purchase, go to Alex Hormozi’s website or join his community. The following is a link to his website: [website for Alex Hormozi].

You can check out “100M Offers Alex Hormozi PDF Version: Download for Free” to obtain a PDF copy of the $100 Offers by Alex Hormozi.

Q: What is the Release Date of the $100M Leads Book?

The $100M Leads book is expected to be released on 19 August 2023. [source]. There will be a special launch event on the book release date.

You can follow him on his social media accounts or subscribe to his email list to get the latest updates on the book.

What is a $100M Leads book by Alex Hormozi about?

The $100M Leads book is about how to generate high-quality leads for your business using proven and practical strategies.

It is the second book in the $100m series by Alex Hormozi, following $100M Offers. The book will teach you everything you need to know about generating leads that are eager to buy from you and growing your business faster and easier than ever before.

Who is Alex Hormozi and why should I trust him on lead generation?

Success as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach has allowed Alex Hormozi to assist hundreds of business owners in increasing their sales and profitability.

Alex is the founder and CEO of Gym Launch, a business that aids gym owners in growing their operations through the use of Internet sales and marketing platforms. He also founded, a website that assists business owners in purchasing successful online ventures.

Mr. Hormozi has used his lead-generation techniques to produce more than $500 million in revenue for himself and his clients. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on lead generation.

If you wish to learn more about Alex Hormozi, you can read “Alex Hormozi Net Worth, Age, Background, Wife, Fitness & Books“.

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What is Alex Hormozi’s Lead Generation Book?

The title of the lead generation book by Alex Hormozi is “$100 Million Leads.” It is a book that concentrates on lead generation methods and strategies to produce qualified leads and turn them into paying clients.

People on the internet search for his lead generation books because they really have an interest in his upcoming $100M leads book. The book, which is slated for publication in 2023, intends to offer insightful information on lead generation and client conversion.

Final Words on $100M Leads by Alex Hormozi

So, allow me to share with you my unvarnished opinions regarding Alex Hormozi’s upcoming book, “100 Million Leads.”

My excitement is beyond words after reading his earlier book, “100 Million Offers.” It provided me with a tonne of value and helped me grow my firm significantly.

I’m eagerly anticipating the publication of “100 Million Leads” in August 2023. Undoubtedly, It’s going to transform the game!

I firmly believe that this book will cause a market upheaval. Because Alex Hormozi’s second book “$100 Million Offers,” is still one of the best-selling books on Amazon.

With that kind of a track record, “$100 Million Leads” will certainly surpass our expectations. It will have a lasting effect on the market like a fire that will ignite it.

This book is something I’m really anticipating since I know it will completely change the way we think about lead creation.

It will challenge all current hypotheses and add something new, so it is not just another one. This book has the power to permanently alter the rules of the game.

In a word, I am so thrilled about the arrival of “$100 Million Leads” that I can hardly stand it. It’s going to revolutionize the game. I can’t wait to delve into its pages and learn all the incredible revelations it has in store for us.

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