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Boss Moves Myron Golden: Comprehensive Summary and Review

Introduction to the Boss Moves Book by Myron Golden

One of the biggest struggles for business owners is not knowing how to generate wealth or grow their business to achieve high profits. This is mainly due to their fear of charging higher prices, as they believe it may result in losing customers. They are simply afraid of selling high-ticket offers. If you want to scale your business, generate wealth quickly, sell high-ticket offers, or cater exclusively to premium buyers, then the book “Boss Moves” by Dr. Myron Golden is for you. In this article, we will provide a summary and review of the book. Let’s begin.

About the Author of Boss Moves Book: Myron Golden

Who Is Dr Myron Golden

Dr. Myron Golden: author of the international bestselling book From the Trashman to the Cashman.

Speaker and trainer with 30 years of experience in the area of sales, marketing, and financial literacy.

He has coached several seven-figure and eight-figure business owners.

Myron has also created the Bible Success Academy to teach people how to use Bible philosophy in business and life.

He charges $25,000 for an hourly consultation, so you can imagine how much value he provides in each consultation and people are willing to pay him $25,000 for an hour.

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When and How The Boss Moves Book Was Written?

The Book Boss Moves is a written format of the million-dollar roundtable discussion during Funnel Hacking Live 2021 hosted by Myron Golden.

Myron Golden devoted two hours of his time to this million-dollar discussion, and he crafted this Boss Moves book from that coaching.

Funnel Hacking Live is a virtual and live program conducted by Russell Brunson and his Clickfunnels team.

Let’s Start With Boss Moves by Myron Golden

Without any further delay let’s get started. So starting with the book Myron Golden says that it is easier to make a lot of money in a short period than to make a little money over a long period.

Basically, as many people do, they get into a kind of obscure business that takes a long time to make a small amount of money, but they neglect the money they can make from premium buyers such as selling those high ticket offers.

So this book will help you to understand the secret of selling high ticket offers or generating wealth fast.

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Let’s dive deeper into the book. The first section of the Boss Moves book by Myron Golden book is about the three boss moves.

Let’s first understand the meaning of Boss Moves. Here Myron Golden Says “BOSS” Which Means Business Optimization Success Secrets That Came From The Million Dollar Roundtable.

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3 Crucial Moves From Boss Moves Book by Myron Golden

Now let us talk about Boss moves. There are three moves that we need to take to generate wealth fast.

  1. The Right Business Model.
  2. The Right Business Market.
  3. The Right Message to the Market.

The Right Business Model

Let us first understand what is the first move of a boss, that is, the right business model. There are basically four types of business models each businessman is associated with. The four types of business models are:

  • Wantrepreneur
  • Waltapreneur
  • Entrepreneur
  • Wealthepreneur

Let us discuss each of these 4 models individually:

4 Types Of Business Model - Boss Moves Myron Golden


It is a business model that talks about the people who sell a low volume of products at a low price (so you can see here LV×LP) and ultimately low profit.

When they sell a low quantity of products with lower prices, of course, they make less profit. This model is represented by LV×LP means low volume and low profit.

Myron Golden advises staying away from this business model.


This business model focuses on selling products or services in high volume but making low profits.

Walmart for example, he gave the example of Sam Walton, who was once the richest man in the world and who made millions of dollars with Walmart, but if an ordinary person like you and me can’t start this business because we have to have a huge amount of money. 

Here you need to sell a high volume of products to make such a huge profit. You can do well in this business once you have a huge product volume but the major drawback of this business model is that you have to sell a very high volume to make a high profit. So it is really difficult.


This business model focuses on selling a low volume of products or services and making high profits.

An example of this model is a coaching program that teaches people how to make fifty thousand dollars by investing five thousand dollars. 

The expenditure is very low here. Once you have created your product and it is ready to serve then your next job is to just promote the product.

If you have a social media channel or if you run ads to drive traffic you can make a huge profit by spending less money. 

In this model, you will make a huge profit by delivering massive value. So it makes sense that you have to deliver massive value to earn that huge profit.

So this business model is really good if you are someone who runs your own business, meaning you don’t have any team, then you can run this business model.


Myron Golden says that this business model is one of the best business models. This is a business model of a boss’s business model. This model focuses on selling a high volume of products and making a high profit. 

So this model helps you to generate wealth faster than any other model. Now we will take the same example of coaching business we saw in the entrepreneurs model.

Now if you can hire a team to build a proper system to bring a high volume of traffic, you start generating a high volume of leads and sales, so you finally have a high profit that is incomparable to any other model. 

So all you need to do is to install a proper automation system in your business and hire a team that can manage everything.

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The Speciality Of Wealthepreneur

The last model that is the Wealthepreneur reveals the mindset of high ticket selling. Here Myron Golden says, “It is easier to sell a fifty thousand dollar offer than the five thousand dollar offer”.

The simple reason behind that is human psychology and this is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. The simple human psychology is that:

“If you are the cheapest then no one believes you are the best and if you believe you are the best then they don’t expect you to be the cheapest”

This is what made a huge mindset shift in life.

Imagine you got to know that you have a heart problem. Would you search for the cheapest heart surgeon?

Definitely NOT!!

You will search for the person who is the best heart specialist in the town and you know that if you’re searching for the best then it should not be the cheapest, you know he will be the costliest.

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Is High Pricing an Issue?

So, to be the best you have to charge the highest.

Now a lot of us might think that pricing high will be an issue but the truth is that when you focus on value price is never an issue.

If you just price high I mean you are just charging high and not offering value then this is definitely a sure formula for failure.

So you need to be very careful when you price high, make sure that whatever the price you are charging the customer can get 10x value or 10x return on the price they are paying.

When you promise them that result then the price is never an issue. You should always focus on selling the PAYOFF, that is, the massive payoff that they are going to get when they purchase from you.

If you are charging high then they are definitely looking for the payoff that they will get from your offer.

If you’re still reading, you’re enjoying the summary. And if you’re enjoying the summary, you’ll love the Boss Moves book by Myron Golden. That’s why I highly recommend getting a physical copy.

The Right Business Market

So now let us discuss the boss’s second move which is the Right Business Market.

Boss’ second move is the right business market. There are basically three kinds of the business market:

  • Commodity market
  • Middle-Mass market
  • Premium market

Commodity market

In the commodity market, people talk about the price so it is price sensitive. For example, crude oil, gold, and grains are some examples of raw materials that are commodities.

This market is price sensitive because it is a market that trades in the primary economic sector rather than manufactured products such as cocoa, fruit, and sugar. 

Hard commodities are mines such as gold and oil so if you want to make a profit in this business it will be difficult.

The reason is that here it depends on the price of the commodity. It doesn’t depend on your product that you will set a certain price and you will make a profit. It depends completely on the market.

Middle-Mass Market

In the middle-mass market, people talk about cars, houses, and the middle markets. Myron Golden says that he doesn’t like this market because the price is set by the cost of the goods, not by the value of the goods, so eventually less profit margin. 

We saw earlier that if you want to make more money then you have to provide 10x value, but this market is cost-based, it is not a value-based market, so eventually, you will make less profit.

When you can give more value to the marketplace then you can make more money from the marketplace.

Premium Market

The premium market always has a higher profit margin. It is where you sell your high ticket offers and make a high profit.

This is the market of premium customers where you generate wealth fast, so if you want to generate wealth fast and make more money then you must serve this market because the premium buyers are existing here.

The reason you think it is difficult to sell high-ticket products or high-ticket offers is that you are selling to broke people or people who always look for cheap stuff.

If you want to sell high-ticket products then you have to sell only to the premium buyers and then only you will be able to make more sales and more money.

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The Right Message To The Market

“If your message appeals to everyone your message appeals to no one”

Yes, it’s true! If you try to sell your offers to every person you will end up selling to no one. You should sell only to the specific group of people resonating with you.

To deliver the right message to the market you need to figure out how you can produce a big payoff. Myron tells that one of the things he discovered on the path of creating wealth, “You never make more money than the amount you allowed yourself to think as of as a lot of money”

Unlock Your Money-Making Mindset

If you don’t allow yourself to think about a big amount of money or you only limit yourself to thinking about a small amount of money you will make that amount of money respectively so it depends on you how you think about the money.

“Your real problem is who you think you are the worst than you are not”

Remember, you will never make more money than you are allowed to think about yourself.

Myron says that he doesn’t allow himself to think about less than one million dollars. When someone asks him how much he charges he says that he charges one million but he assures that he will help them to make 12 million within a year. 

So this is what happens when you have the right mindset about money, if you don’t allow yourself to think about more money then you will never make more money.

So you should never limit yourself only to less money, you should always think beyond that like you can achieve a huge amount of money. This is all a mindset game. When you have the right mindset you will always achieve the right thing.

Mastering Four Hardcore Boss Moves for Business Growth

Now we have arrived at the most important area of this section of the Boss Moves book by Myron Golden, which is the four core areas to focus on to grow the business like a boss. These four core areas are :

  • Lead generation
  • Lead conversion
  • Customer ascension
  • Customer retention

Lead generation

When leads come into your business you can take your business to the desired level you want. When you have a proper system in your business you can generate as many leads as you want.

For example, today you have a system and you are generating 100 leads and you have an offer that is thousand dollars and you are having a 10 percent conversion.

So how much you are making out of 10 conversions, that is you have 10 customers buying?

You are generating $10,000.

Now if you tweak something in your lead generation system like you are spending some time understanding things or understanding what works and implementing the new sources of capturing leads. You can easily double up the flow of the leads.

Previously, if you had only 100 leads now after tweaking your lead generation systems and using new resources and tools, you are generating 200 leads and you have the same offer price i.e., 1000 dollars.

Here also you are getting a 10 percent conversion, so now you are making $20,000. It is the power of lead generation. You need to have a proper lead generation system so that you can make more money.

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Lead Conversion

Previously our lead conversion was 10 percent. If we can improvise our system so that we can increase our lead conversion from 10 percent to 20 percent then we can make more sales and we can generate more revenue.

This can be done by creating a better marketing message, focusing on attracting the right kind of clients in a narrow niche, talking about the big secrets in your webinar, and talking about breaking the big domino in your webinar. You can do a lot more things to increase the conversion rate.

When someone entered into the system meaning when you’ve captured the leads now they entered into your system so you can increase the conversion rate by improvising the above-mentioned points.

Previously you made twenty thousand dollars as we’ve seen. Now if we can increase the conversion from 10 percent to 20 percent we will make $40000. This is a massive change. From making $10,000 to $40 000.

Customer Ascension

The meaning of ‘ascension” is the action of rising to an important position or higher level. When you are helping your customer to give to an important position or moving to a higher level like selling something higher level product so that their journey becomes easier and smoother.

We can see there are a lot of businesses that have a segment of customers who would be willing to pay if they are offered a high ticket offer.

For example, Starbucks is known for the best coffee but they also have coffee makers that they sell and offer to a small segment of their customers with an average percentage of conversion.

With that conversion, they make additional income at the end of the year. The income they generate by selling coffee makers is very huge because the coffee-making machine is expensive and the conversion rate is also average so they are making additional income at the end of the year.

This is what customer ascension is. When you have a business, always try to focus on having a high ticket offer.

Example Of Customer Ascension

I’ll give an example taking our previous example, just imagine that you got 200 leads and you are getting 20 conversions from your one thousand dollar offer and you were making forty thousand dollars.

Now you have a high ticket offer and the price is ten thousand dollars. You have a total of 40 customers who already purchased your thousand-dollar offer.

If out of these 40 customers, there is a 10 percent conversion, which means you are having 4 customers, so you are making 4 × 10 that is $40,000.

This is mind-blowing as you are making an extra $40,000 just by creating a high-ticket offer.

This is what helps you to make more money when you have a high ticket offer.

Customer Retention

A lot of people make a mistake that after selling their front-end offer they stop selling this is the biggest mistake they make and that’s why they don’t make enough money. When you have a customer, what you need to do is build a continuity program like a subscription offer. 

You need to have a kind of monthly subscription plan so that you can hold customers for a long time. This will help you to make additional income at the end of the year. This could bring an additional $100,000 per year depending on your offer.

If your offer is great, expensive, and a high ticket subscription offer then you can make one million dollars or half a million dollars and that depends completely on your offer.

If you’re still reading, you’re enjoying the summary. And if you’re enjoying the summary, you’ll love the book: Boss Moves by Myron Golden. That’s why I highly recommend getting a physical copy.

Maximizing Value and Money: Insights from Myron Golden Boss Moves Book

Now we are going to talk about how to deliver more value in the marketplace. You have seen some people have a higher level of income and some people have a lower level of income.

There is a big reason behind that and the reason is that income is the result of the value created and offered in the marketplace.

The amount of value that you create in the marketplace you make money accordingly. So if you produce more value in the marketplace you make more money and if you produce less value in the marketplace you make less money.

There are four levels of value we bring to the marketplace and make money accordingly and the four levels of value are:

  • Implementation level
  • Unification level
  • Communication level
  • Imagination level

Implementation Level

At the implementation level, you are the person who does the thing you are the implementer. Implementers are the people who actually complete the task on their own. They don’t go to the third person to get done their work.

For example, car mechanics or a constructor, are implementers. They produce value in the market but one thing that limits creating value is their time.

Suppose, if you are a constructor then your time limits value because you trade your time to make money. You have only 18 hours in a day and you try to produce value in that limited time. That’s why you create limited value in the marketplace.

The average wage range in level one is between minimum wage to $80,000 in a year. Level 1 is often very active and the opposite of passive income. The resource that you use at this level is your muscles or energy.

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Unification Level

At the unification level, you will be using your management skill to unify laborers and workers to work for you.

For example, if you have a team of 10 to 30 people then you can unify them to work for you. At this level, you bring more value to the marketplace through a team of 10 to 30 implementers.

When you are unifying people like the implementers- those people who use their muscles to add value and you are unifying them at one place and you are using them to deliver value, then you can deliver more value compared to the first level.

The average income range in level two falls between eighty thousand dollars hundred fifty thousand dollars. At this level, you are focused on buying back your time by hiring ‘whos’ for your “dos’.

It means you are hiring people who are implementers to work on your project or to complete your task. The resource that you use at this level is your management skill. So if you are working as a manager then you are actually on the unification level.

Communication Level

Here you use your ‘words’ to create wealth, that is your ‘mouth’ or communication skill.

For example, if you are an actor or if you are a singer or a salesperson, or a Youtuber then you are delivering value in the marketplace or you are creating value in the marketplace through your mouth or your communication skill.

The value created in the marketplace at this level is more than at the other two levels. You use your communication skills that create higher impact and higher income as well while helping others.

At this level, because you are delivering value through your communication skill or your voice, you create a bigger impact in the life of others.

The income range for level 3 is like $100,000 to one million dollars and the resource that you use at this level is your voice. This is what the communication level is and this is far far better than the other two levels because here you create more value with the power of your mouth.

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Imagination Level

Your mind is your greatest resource to create wealth. You use your mind or imagination and money at this level.

For example, an entrepreneur who has the vision to solve the hardest problem in the world, who has a mission to transform the lives of others, and who has values.

Another example is Tony Robbins who is an entrepreneur as well as a coach. He has transformed so many lives with the help of his mind and imagination.

So many people are getting inspired by him daily and he has been coaching so many people.

The last example is Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet is an investor who uses his money to generate wealth.

This is where people make money at this level with the help of their money and imagination. They deliver or create the highest level of value in the marketplace.

The income for level 4 can range from 1 million to billions or you can say infinite. The bigger your ideas, the more value you create.

The more people you serve the more money and love you will receive back from the marketplace.

In level 4, all you do is focus on creating ideas that serve the masses. The resource that you use at this level is your mind and money. That’s why this is the highest level of value created in the marketplace.

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Boss Skills You Must Master: The Main Assets of Boss Moves by Myron Golden

Finally, we have arrived at the final part of this section of the Boss Moves book by Myron Golden.

Mastering the Boss Skill of Selling: Selling Secrets From Boss Moves By Myron Golden

If you want to make a lot of money and want to transform many lives then you have to be good at selling.

Myron here says, “Selling is uncovering the value of what you have to offer so well that people are happy to exchange the money they have in their pocket for the value you give”.

People will only pay you for solving their problems. They are not going to pay you for the problem that you want to solve. You want to solve a problem they know that they have.

So the bigger the problem is for the person you are solving for, the bigger amount of money that they will pay you for solving the problem.

If you want to solve a problem that people don’t have then you will not make any money. So if you want to make money then you have to solve the bigger problem people are facing.

By talking to the people and you’ll understand what kind of bigger problem they have. If you can solve the problem and they know that if you can solve the problem then they will always pay you a bigger amount of money.

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The Essential Boss Skill of Persuasion: How to Master It From Boss Moves Book by Myron Golden

Now the boss’s second skill you must master is ‘Persuasion’. Remember that, persuading is not convincing.

Selling is not about making someone purchase, so when someone is trying to convince you to buy something it’s like they are convincing or trying to get you to buy something even though you don’t desire it.

But the actual persuasion is helping people to make a decision they already decide to make for their reason.

That’s why if you want to be very good at selling then you have to be very good at listening, here listening means active listening.

Every great salesperson knows that listening is the most important of all sales skills, so if you are not a good listener then you will never make any sales.

The Core of Persuasion Skills: An Exploration of Boss Moves Book by Myron Golden

The core of the persuasion skill is the “content and the context”.

Content is a solution or the transformation that your prospect seeks. Content is a material matter or medium contained within the works that are available for your audience.

So content is your teachings, your practical ideas that they can implement and they can get the result.

Whereas context is the frame that you put it around. Content is the positioning of the content. Context is the positioning of the content storyline or purpose that provides value to the audience.

For example, it could be in the form of an audiobook, it could be in the form of a book or e-book, or it could be in the form of a video or anything.

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The Importance of Selling Payoffs, Not Processes

Never sell the process, always sell the payoff or the massive result. When you try to sell the process people don’t understand anything.

It becomes very complicated because they don’t understand what process they will be going through.

When you talk about the result that means you are talking about their desire. So they will understand then and the sales will happen.

A lot of people never make 150k or one million in sales because they never think about the problem of the premium buyers.

If you want to make a one million dollar sale then you need to first figure out the one million dollar problem. You need to have a one-million-dollar offer.

You need to think about the big payoff which is the 10x payoff that you are going to give them when they will purchase from you.

Always figure out the high-value results that you can create for the business owner. Create high ticket offers to serve your best.

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Advice by Myron Golden for a Million-Dollar Business: Take Boss Moves

Do you know the most crucial factor in building a million-dollar business? It’s not money, leads, customers, the team, or the brand. It’s having the right mindset.

Developing the right mindset is vital for growing a million-dollar business. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

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The Game of Learning: Levels and Elevations

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while watching countless videos and being unable to implement what you’ve learned?

The reason behind this frustration is often the lack of knowledge on how to learn effectively.

Think of learning as a game with levels: level 1, level 2, level 3, and so on. Just like progressing through levels in a game, learning also occurs in stages.

Learning is akin to riding an elevator that transports you from one floor to another. To acquire new knowledge, you must elevate yourself.

Each time you elevate, you learn something new. Therefore, the faster and more efficiently you learn, the greater your earning potential.

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Four Levels of Learning to Take Moves like Boss Myron Golden

There are basically four levels of learning or four stages of learning, and I am going to explain these four levels with an example.

First Stage: Unconscious Incompetence

If you tell a seven-year-old kid to drive a car, do you think he will be able to drive the car? 

Definitely NOT!

The simple reason behind this is that the kid doesn’t have knowledge about driving a car and also cannot drive the car.

So, in that situation, we call it unconscious incompetence, meaning you are unaware of the skill and lack proficiency, which means he doesn’t know about the skill and cannot perform the skill.

Second Stage: Conscious Incompetence

Now, the same kid grows up and becomes a 14-year-old. Now, he has the knowledge to drive the car, but he cannot drive the car.

He knows what gear, clutch, and accelerator are and how to use them, but practically he cannot drive the car. So, in that stage, we call it conscious incompetence, meaning you are aware of the skill but are not proficient.

You know about the skill, but you cannot perform the skill.

Third Stage: Conscious Competence

In the third scenario, when the kid becomes an 18-year-old guy, he knows how to drive the car and can drive the car with an instructor sitting beside him.

He’s driving, and wherever he is driving alone or with the instructor, he is very conscious and very careful, using the accelerator, gear, and clutch because he has just started learning or is learning in the learning phase.

In that stage, we call conscious competence, meaning you can use the skill, but only with effort. You are performing the skill but with a lot of effort and energy.

Fourth Stage: Unconscious Competence

The guy then becomes a 25-year-old, and now he has so many years of experience in driving that it becomes so easy for him. He can drive the car while listening, talking to someone, or even while listening or calling someone over the phone.

Now it becomes automatic for him as he can drive without putting in any effort. So, in that stage of learning, which we call unconscious competence, performing the skill becomes automatic.

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Eliminate to Elevate

If you want to learn something faster, then you need to eliminate something from your life.

Here, Myron Golden says, “I once read that sacrifice is not giving up something that you desire, sacrifice is letting go of something of lower nature so that you can hold something of higher nature.”

What does it mean?

It means eliminating something from your life that has a lower nature and holding onto something of higher nature.

Here, Myron advised eliminating the four things given below from our life.

1. Internal Conflicts

The first thing he tells us is to eliminate internal conflicts.

An example of internal conflict is doubts and an overwhelming feeling in your mind. You need to eliminate that because internal conflict usually manifests itself as resistance to whatever things you are learning.

Internal conflicts always create resistance whenever you try to learn something new, so eliminate that internal conflict.

What you have to realize is that when you feel overwhelmed, you are feeling that way because you are about to go into the next phase.

Understand that overwhelm is not a sign that you should quit. Overwhelming is a sign that you are about to level up, so don’t let your overwhelm control you.

Never mumble sentences like “I am overwhelmed, I am scared, I don’t know.” Remember that overwhelm is a sign that you are getting ready to level up.

Focus for Success: Stop Multitasking and Prioritize One Task at a Time

Do you realize that there are things in your life right now that you think are too hard for you to do? But the truth is, the only reason you think it is hard is that you have not properly learned how to do them.

Busyness is not the same as productivity. All movement is not progress, and you have to start learning one thing at a time to master it.

You may be doing a lot of things in your business, and those things may not be working. That’s because you have not mastered the lowest level of those things.

Let’s take an example of learning sales. Suppose we have learned the basic principles of sales, such as “asking the right questions to the prospect,” “understanding their pain points,” and “selling is not convincing,” etc.

However, if we haven’t mastered one thing, which is “understanding the problem of our audience,” our entire sales knowledge and learning will go in vain.

Myron suggests that instead of rushing and completing nothing, it is better to take time and truly master one thing at a time. The average business owner could become a millionaire and build a successful business if they master one business skill at a time.

Therefore, stop multitasking and focus on one thing at a time to get good at it, then move to the next thing.

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2. Cultural Indoctrination

The second thing Myron Golden suggests here is to eliminate cultural indoctrination, which is basically the societal point of view.

Society will tell you that you cannot build a million-dollar business, but you should not listen to them because this is cultural indoctrination.

The goal of cultural indoctrination is to make us go against what is for us and go for what is against us. Many people are stuck with news, movies, memes, and social media pages as something they cannot control.

Myron Golden advises eliminating news, stopping reading newspapers, and stopping reading magazines. This will help eliminate the societal perspective from your life so that you can start learning new things and achieve your dream of building your Million Dollar business.

If you cannot fix what is going on in your world, how can you fix something that is happening outside your world?

It is true that if you cannot control what is happening in your life, you cannot expect to control something happening in someone else’s life. Therefore, focus on yourself and stop worrying about something that you cannot control.

3. Minutia

The third thing he tells us to eliminate is minutia. He talks about people who always focus on someone else’s life, for example, fans of celebrities.

They subconsciously focus on distractions and not on things that make a difference in people’s lives. They should work and serve the people around them and those who need their help.

Therefore, you should eliminate something minor to your goals.

When your favorite celebrity dies, you may feel sad and worried. I understand that you have an emotional connection to the person, but this is a minor relationship that won’t help you achieve your million-dollar business.

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The Two Sides of Work

Work has two sides: head and tail. It’s like a two-sided coin with a head and tail.

Work that lands on the head is working for you, and work that lands on the tail is working on you.

All work either works for you or works for you.

The work you’re doing that’s not working for you works on you until you become the person for whom it can work.

So, he says, even if you feel like you’re putting all your effort into the work, grinding the gears, putting in the gas, and it doesn’t seem to be working, it means it’s working on your character. It’s building you up for the next step, so don’t quit.

4. Confusion

The fourth thing he tells us to eliminate is confusion, which stems from a lack of clarity. He says to master one level before moving to the next.

The simple reason behind this is that many people are confused because they lack clarity about the basics of what they’re learning. Knowing about something is not the same as understanding it. Therefore, finish what you’ve started before moving on to something new.

If you want clarity about what you’re learning, start asking questions, open up to new possibilities, and stop holding yourself back.

If you want to be a winner, start doing the things you haven’t started yet and continue to master them.

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Increment Mastery to Effortlessness

The goal is to become so skilled at something that it becomes effortless for you to do. To model success, you should find someone who has achieved the level of success you want to achieve and model their belief system, psychology, thoughts, and mental syntax.

Mental syntax refers to the order in which they fire off messages in their brain. When learning something new, you must trust the person’s belief system that you are modeling more than you trust in your own.

If you desire to duplicate any form of human excellence, find somebody who is experiencing excellence in that arena and model that until you achieve mastery, which means you know what they know and can do it with effortlessness.

Keep modeling until you have achieved mastery and are experiencing business from a place of effortlessness.

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Partnership, Purposes, and Priorities

Partnership, purposes, and priorities are crucial for any kind of business. To work on a partnership, look for someone who is like you if you are a talker.

For the right business, add the right education and make your main thing your backend. Then, create an information product for the front end.

Myron Golden advises that it is better to partner with someone who could help you take things up to only $100 million than to sell your services.

If one person can make a thousand dollars, two people can make ten thousand dollars. Most successful companies in American history are willing to give 70%, so it’s better to have 50% of a watermelon than 100% of grapes.

Collaboration and partnering can help grow your business and increase your brand visibility. A good team can help you fill the gap and leverage your business.

Live a simple life, win first, and then reward yourself. Yield your life to God because God wants us to create a business. Remember that time is infinitely more valuable than money.

Finally, Myron Golden talks about legacy, which is about leaving something for the next generation so that they do not have to start from scratch.

Impact your family’s and parents’ lives by giving them a better life. Then, serve the people around you by changing and transforming their lives.

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Understanding Your Superpower 

To find your superpower, think about what drives you and what you are naturally good at. Instead of trying to improve your weaknesses, focus on your strengths. By identifying and using our superpowers, we can achieve great success in all areas of our lives. 

The Power of Mindset in Boss Moves by Myron Golden

Mindset plays a vital role in building a million-dollar business. Our education system and environment may have made us ask the wrong questions and not fully explore our true potential.

This inner voice can stem from limiting beliefs or fears that we have acquired throughout our lives. By identifying and using our superpowers, we can achieve great success in all areas of our lives. 

Learning to think independently is critical to success. No one can stop you from winning if you can think. By thinking about the question “What would you try if you knew failure was impossible?”, we gain insight into our true desires and abilities. 

Overcoming the Fear of Failure 

The fear of failure instilled by our educational system and societal norms often prevents us from taking that first step.

With a strong mindset, we can overcome this obstacle and move forward to success, even if we have to start from scratch. 

Faith and Doubt in Boss Moves Book

Faith and doubt are both forms of faith. They are two sides of the same coin,  one representing the desired outcome and the other representing the undesired outcome.

We often create doubts in our minds that prevent us from taking action toward our goals. It is important to recognize and challenge these doubts and replace them with positive, empowering thoughts. 

The Power of Waiting and Surrender 

Waiting is a feeling of excitement and anticipation that arises when the belief in possible success moves from the mind to the heart.

This sense of anticipation energizes action and drives people toward their goals. Surrender is a feeling of resignation and surrender that can lead to a lack of energy and motivation.

It is important to foster anticipation and excitement instead of giving in to doubt and resignation. 

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The Importance of Emotional Connection 

When you are trying to sell your business, it is important to understand the reasons why people act and make purchases.

People do not make decisions based on logic or reasoning alone, but rather on the gut. Therefore, it is important to understand and leverage the emotions that drive purchasing decisions to increase sales opportunities.

It is important to create an emotional connection with your customers through your offer so that they feel motivated to buy from you. 

By identifying and applying our superpowers, overcoming our fear of failure, and creating an emotional connection with our clients, we can achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

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My Final Word on Boss Moves by Myron Golden

The end of Myron Golden’s “Boss Moves” is now here. We have looked at a variety of ideas and tactics throughout this book, from the very beginning to the very conclusion. I hope our trip together has given you insightful and useful knowledge.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for coming along and urge you to apply the knowledge you’ve gained to your own entrepreneurial endeavors. Remember, the only way to attain amazing success in your business is by acting decisively and adopting a boss mentality.

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