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Offer Mastery Live by Myron Golden: A Comprehensive Review


Myron Golden, a renowned business coach, has recently announced the launch of his first-ever Offer Mastery Live event. This event marks a significant milestone for every entrepreneur because it will be a unique 3-day live experience. The event is happening at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida, from June 14 to June 16, 2023.

Attendees from around the world will gather to learn how to create and sell irresistible, high-converting offers for their businesses. Before diving into the event details, let’s take a brief look at Myron Golden’s background.

Who is Myron Golden?

Myron Golden is a highly respected figure in the business world. He is an author, a business trainer, and a sales coach. He has leveraged over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales.

Undoubtedly, he has overcome challenges, including polio and poverty. Finally, he emerged as a sought-after speaker, coach, and prominent social media influencer. Myron Golden’s expertise and success have positioned him as a multi-millionaire.

To learn all the details about Myron Golden, similar to a Wikipedia article, read this post titled “Myron Golden Wikipedia: His Life, Wife, Work, and Success.”

Why I Decided to Write About Offer Master Live

I’ve had the privilege of attending Myron Golden’s Make More Offer Challenge, being a member of his Bible Success Academy, and purchasing books like “Boss Moves” and “From Trash Man to Cash Man.”

As a result, I have become one of his enthusiastic followers and have personally witnessed the value he delivers. Undeniably, through his knowledge and YouTube videos, I have been able to generate significant financial gains, and I want to share this experience with my audience on my book and YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, Myron Golden remains relatively unknown to many people. However, I believe it’s crucial to spread awareness about his programs and upcoming events.

Moreover, the Offer Mastery Live event represents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators, and business owners to enhance their skills and grow their businesses. Additionally, attending the event can provide invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

Note: This article is primarily intended for individuals who are not merely seeking short-term opportunities for making money but are genuinely interested in long-term business growth and development.

Myron Golden’s teachings cater to entrepreneurs, businessmen, and individuals from various domains, providing them with the tools and strategies needed to thrive. The event also offers an excellent networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded individuals.

This is a quote of Myron Golden taken from Boss Moves book. The quote goes like this "The offer you don't make is an offer they can't take"

What is Offer Mastery Live

Offer Mastery Live is a three-day program where entrepreneurs, including Myron Golden and other influential speakers, teach participants how to create irresistible offers that effectively solve their customers’ problems.

Firstly, the event’s motto is “One offer that can change everything,” reflecting the transformative potential of the strategies and insights shared.

Offer Mastery Live will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day from June 14 to June 16 in Tampa, Florida, United States. This brief overview provides a glimpse into the event’s purpose and timing.

This image also tells that there are only few tickets available for offer mastery live evert 2023. Take action now.

What to Expect from Offer Mastery Live

If you are attending Offer Mastery Live, you can expect to learn valuable insights and gain numerous benefits.

Live Teaching and Demonstrations:

By participating in the live event, you will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations and receive direct instruction from experts like Myron Golden.

Not only will they teach you how to craft offers that effectively solve your customers’ problems and generate significant revenue and profits for your business, but they will also guide you in discovering one offer that can continually improve and deliver better results.

This focused approach ensures that you gain practical knowledge and actionable strategies to propel your business forward.

Learning from Industry Experts:

Regardless of your industry or business category, attending the event allows you to learn from experts in various fields such as marketing, finance, coaching, consulting, leadership, and more. The live format enables you to directly engage with these speakers and learn from their expertise.

Networking Opportunities:

One of the most valuable aspects of Offer Mastery Live is the networking opportunities it provides. You will have the chance to connect with entrepreneurs from different domains and industries.

Not only can you network within your own field, but you also have the opportunity to meet influential individuals such as Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, and many other prominent entrepreneurs attending the event.

Especially, Building connections and relationships with these individuals can lead to future collaborations, partnerships, and even high-ticket clients, enhancing your influence and authority in your respective field.

Best Experience & Social Event:

Offer Mastery Live is going to be one of the best events you’ll ever experience. Over the course of three days, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Additionally, there will be a lunch break social event where you can further interact and network with like-minded individuals.

This presents an excellent chance to build relationships, establish rapport, and potentially convert them into long-term clients. The networking aspect of the event holds significant potential for expanding your business opportunities and growth.

Offer Mastery Live will take place at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida, providing a conducive environment for business professionals and entrepreneurs to gather and exchange ideas.

Attending this event has the potential to bring immense value to your business and personal growth, allowing you to tap into a wealth of knowledge, connections, and opportunities.

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Review of Offer Mastery Live

Offer Mastery Live is happening for the first time. It is a live event that is taking place from June 14 to June 16.

While it may be challenging to write a review about an event that hasn’t happened yet, I can share my previous experiences attending similar events.

I had the opportunity to attend Funnel Hacking Live (virtually) hosted by Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels, where Myron Golden was a prominent speaker. Another prominent speaker included is Dan Henry.

Based on those experiences, I can confidently say that Offer Mastery Live will provide even more value than those events.

I have personally participated in Myron Golden’s Make More Offers Challenge and I am currently a member of the Bible Success Academy. Being a student of Myron Golden, I can attest to the tremendous value he provides.

In my opinion, Offer Mastery Live is one of the best opportunities in 2023 to seize.

I have witnessed the value that Myron Golden offers and I believe attending this event will be highly beneficial.

If you have attended Funnel Hacking Live or participated in Myron Golden’s programs before, you can expect a similar level of value.

This program offers a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with others, which is an invaluable asset.

Networking is a key aspect of this event and can lead to significant opportunities for growth and success.

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Meet the Speakers at Offer Mastery Live Event

Myron Golden

Myron Golden is an esteemed host and a prominent speaker at the Offer Mastery Live event. He is also the creator of the Offer Mastery Challenge. With extensive experience as a business coach, trainer, consultant, and author, Myron has been actively involved in the sales field for over 30 years. His expertise lies in helping business owners achieve exponential growth, whether it’s doubling, quintupling, or even decupling their business results.

Russell Brunson

Another renowned speaker at the event is Russell Brunson. Russell has made many collaborations with Myron Golden and he is also the founder of the successful software company ClickFunnels. He is the author of several highly influential books such as “DotCom Secrets,” “Traffic Secrets,” “Expert Secrets,” and “Network Marketing Secrets”. Russell has gained a substantial following and is recognized as a master in creating irresistible offers. His expertise and insights make him a valuable addition to the lineup of speakers at Offer Mastery Live.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Russell Brunson himself!

Dr. Delatorro L. McNeal, II

Dr. Delatorro McNeal, II, our third speaker, is a highly respected and world-class peak performance expert.

He has gained recognition for his exceptional skills in transforming both corporations and individuals who aspire to reach the next level of success.

Dr. McNeal has been sought after by Fortune 50 companies and organizations, showcasing his ability to bring about significant change.

As an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, his books have made a profound impact on readers worldwide. Through his work, Dr. McNeal has positively influenced numerous lives.

Dan Henry

In the field, Dan Henry is well-known, and his accomplishments speak for themselves. He has made a name for himself as an expert in assisting businesses to become self-sufficient by successfully marketing their goods and services as the creator of

Dan helps his clients sell high-value items by using high-ticket pricing methods. Prestigious publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Business Insider have highlighted him frequently as a result of his success and knowledge.

Dan Henry is a well-known speaker at Offer Mastery Live and brings a plethora of expertise and experience with him.

Nehemiah Davis

Nehemiah Davis is a remarkable young entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous success at a relatively young age.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nehemiah is not only an entrepreneur but also an author. He has had the privilege of being mentored by Myron Golden, and he even had the opportunity to interview the legendary Steve Harvey.

Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his life, Nehemiah has overcome them and built a substantial following.

As a speaker at the Offer Mastery Live event, Nehemiah will share his insights on achieving success at a young age and creating compelling offers that resonate with people of all generations.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from his experiences and be inspired by his journey.

Tasha McCray

Dr. Tasha McCray is a highly accomplished speaker, having retired as an MSN-Ed, RN, and hairstylist. She is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats, including being an author, publisher, and business strategist.

Driven by a deep appreciation for life’s beauty and a commitment to finding gratitude in the little things, Tasha McCray brings a unique perspective to the event.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in various fields, she is known for her ability to unlock the power of value and stay true to one’s vision.

Through her captivating talks and insightful presentations, Dr. Tasha McCray empowers and inspires individuals to embrace their true potential and achieve remarkable success.

Her contributions as a speaker at Offer Mastery Live 2023 are sure to leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Eileen Wilder

Eileen Wilder, a remarkable individual, is among the esteemed students of Myron Golden. Starting with humble beginnings and facing financial challenges, she persevered under Golden’s guidance and transformed her life.

Today, she is widely recognized as a high-ticket sales expert and a virtual event coach. She is the co-founder of popular online business brands such as Virtual Event Secrets™ and Confident Closer®.

Eileen is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs enhance their event-hosting skills and excel in closing high-value sales.

Her presence at Offer Mastery Live promises to bring substantial value to attendees, with insights and strategies that can greatly impact their success.

Carter Cofield

Carter Cofield is a renowned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), as well as the Owner and Lead Advisor of Cofield Advisors, LLC.

With a passion for assisting creative entrepreneurs, Carter has dedicated his career to helping individuals navigate the intricacies of finance and achieve success.

Through Cofield Advisors, he offers expert financial services tailored to the unique needs of creatives.

Carter’s expertise in tax planning and optimization has made him a sought-after speaker and consultant, and he has garnered a significant following on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where he shares valuable tips and insights.

Attendees of Offer Mastery Live can expect to gain invaluable knowledge and strategies from Carter Cofield to enhance their financial well-being and maximize their business’s potential.

Marvin Mitchell

Marvin Mitchell is an acclaimed author, TV, and radio personality, real estate investor, and wealth mastery coach.

He founded Compass Retirement Solutions and is an expert in retirement planning. He is committed to assisting people in achieving financial freedom and leading fulfilling lives.

Marvin has built a solid reputation as a reliable resource for baby boomers, providing them with professional advice as they make the transition to retirement.

He has also been honored for his achievements in the finance industry and has been highlighted in a number of media publications.

Offer Mastery Live attendees may anticipate gaining knowledge and advice from Marvin Mitchell about wealth creation and retirement planning.

Karwanna Dyson

Karwanna Dyson is a transformational speaker, author, and business coach. As the CEO of She’s Got Goals, LLC, she helps women entrepreneurs elevate their businesses.

With expertise in starting businesses the right way and leveraging government contracts, Karwanna guides individuals to success.

Her book “Trillion Dollar Secret to Government Contracts” reveals strategies for business growth. Through motivational speaking and coaching, she empowers entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Karwanna’s insights make her a valuable speaker at Offer Mastery Live.

Daniels, Dharius

Dr. Dharius Daniels is a well-known speaker, coach, and certified expert in emotional intelligence who is committed to assisting others in becoming their greatest self.

Dharius promotes self-optimization without the danger of self-destruction according to his original method.

Stan Harris, M.D.

Grand Master and 10th-degree Black Belt Dr. Stan Harris uses martial arts to show the power of overcoming obstacles that appear insurmountable. Dr. Harris has made a considerable effect as an evangelist, college lecturer, and motivational speaker.

He has given sermons in all 50 states as well as 28 other nations. The Black Belt and Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame both include him as a member.

Ticket Price For the Offer Mastery Live Event

The ticket price for the Offer Mastery Live event is only $497.

This includes access to the event itself, and there will be optional additional products offered in the sales funnel that you can choose to purchase. However, buying these additional offers is entirely up to you and not mandatory.

Attendees need to cover accommodation and travel costs on their own. They will arrange lunch during the program but you should arrange your breakfast and dinner from local restaurants.

The overall expenses will vary depending on your location, travel arrangements, and accommodation choices.

Compared to other events like Funnel Hacking Live, which can be more expensive, the Offer Mastery Live event offers great value at $497. Additionally, the program provides 9 hours of training each day for multiple days, making it a valuable opportunity considering the price point.

This image tells that there are only few tickets available for offer mastery live evert 2023.

Accommodation, Dining, and Nearby Restaurants for Offer Mastery Live Event

If you are attending Offer Mastery Live at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, FL, for accommodation, food, and lodging, you can explore the lodges recommended by Myron Golden.

You can apply the coupon code “23Myron” for discounted rates. Alternatively, you can follow this link to book the rooms:

Deluxe Rooms:

  • From $149 per night
  • Deluxe 2 Double Beds Guest Room
  • Sleeps 4, with 2 double beds and a marble bathroom with tub and shower

One-Bedroom Suites:

  • From $199 per night
  • One Bedroom Suite 2 Queen Beds
  • Sleeps 6, with 2 Queen beds, a living room, dining area, full kitchen, balcony, or patio

Please note that the total cost for 6 nights is $894 for Deluxe Rooms and $1,194 for One Bedroom Suites, excluding taxes and fees.

Here are some restaurants near Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, FL:

  • TacoSon – Mexican cuisine, located at 30056 FL-54
  • Mesa Latina Food Truck Wesley Chapel – Puerto Rican cuisine, located at 29602 FL-54, offering dine-in, kerbside pickup, and delivery
  • Chili’s Grill & Bar – Tex Mex cuisine, located at 28444 FL-54, opens at 11 am

Please note that restaurant timings may vary.

FAQs about Offer Mastery Live Event

What is Offer Mastery Live Event?

Offer Mastery Live is a three-day event that empowers entrepreneurs from various domains to learn how to create irresistible and highly converting offers, which can lead to financial freedom and immense wealth.

As I have said, Myron Golden will host Offer Mastery Live Event. There will be other influential speakers, who will share their knowledge and expertise with attendees.

How can I attend Offer Mastery Live?

To attend the Offer Mastery Live event, you need to purchase a ticket. You can do so by following the link provided on their official website. The website will have all the details regarding ticket availability and pricing.

Simply visit the website, enter your name, email address, physical address, and card number, and complete the payment process. Once you have purchased the ticket, you will receive it, and then you can attend the live event at the specified location.

How much does the event cost?

The ticket price for the event is $497. Please note that there are limited seats available, with only 600 tickets allocated for this event. Each ticket costs $497. While there may be additional products you may see in the sales funnel but the current ticket price is only $497.

Book your seat before the tickets run out.

What is included in the ticket price?

You receive access to the event site when you buy a ticket, enabling you to take part in all sessions and presentations. In addition, the ticket frequently includes a free lunch at the event.

Are there any additional costs associated with attending the event?

Yes, there are additional costs involved when attending the event. These include travel expenses, accommodation costs, lodging expenses, and even additional expenses such as meals. This means that you need to consider the cost of transportation, the price of accommodations, and even expenses for breakfast and dinner.

What location will host Offer Mastery Live Event?

The event will be hosted at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida, US. If you want to find out more about the venue and its facilities, then you can visit their website at

Which airport should I fly into for the event?

The closest airport to the event venue is Tampa International Airport. If you want to gather more information about the airport, then you can visit their official website at

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend?

They have not yet explicitly stated the refund policy for the Offer Mastery Live event. To obtain information regarding the refund or return policy, please visit the official website of Myron Golden and review the refund policy section. Alternatively, you can reach out to their support team at for further assistance and clarification regarding the refund process.

How many hours of live sessions will there be each day during the event?

Each day of the event will feature 9 hours of live sessions, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for 3 days. Additionally, there will be lunch breaks and occasional social breaks for participants to network and recharge.

Is food included in the Offer Mastery Live Event?

The event organizers will only provide you with lunch. So, you have to arrange breakfast and dinner on your own and cover the expenses for those meals.

Can I bring a guest or colleague with me?

No, you cannot bring anyone with you to the event. Each individual attending must purchase their own ticket in order to gain entry to the venue. Only ticket holders have permission to attend the event.

Guests cannot enter the venue if they don’t have their individual tickets. Please make sure that anyone accompanying you to the event has obtained their own ticket prior to attending.

Is accommodation or lodging included in the event ticket price?

No, the event ticket price does not include accommodation or lodging. You will need to purchase it separately. You can make the purchase through the following links:

For booking rooms, visit here: Saddlebrook Accommodations (23Mryon Discount Coupon Applied)

If you are unable to find rooms through that link, then you can check the regular site at

What are the timings of the event?

The event will start at 9 a.m. and end at 6 p.m.

Can I contact the event organizers for further information or assistance?

Yes, once you purchase the event ticket, you will receive an email with contact information. You can reach out to them for any inquiries or assistance. Additionally, if you wish to contact them before purchasing, you can visit the Myron Golden website or email them at

Pros and Cons of Attending Offer Mastery Live Event


  • Live Teachings: Attendees will have the opportunity to receive live teachings and lessons directly from top entrepreneurs.
  • Networking: The event provides a chance to network with other like-minded individuals and connect with top entrepreneurs in the industry.
  • Proven Strategies: The teachings are based on current market principles and proven strategies that work.
  • Exposure to Influencers: Participants will have direct exposure to influential entrepreneurs such as Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, and many others.
  • Affordable Ticket Price: The cost of the ticket is relatively low compared to the value and knowledge that you will receive.


  • Level of Commitment: The event may not be suitable for everyone due to the level of commitment required. Therefore, attendees should have genuine enthusiasm and willingness to engage with prominent entrepreneurs.

Please note that the provided information is based on the given context and may not reflect the actual pros and cons of the Offer Mastery Live Event.

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Final Words

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that Offer Mastery Live is truly a tremendous opportunity for individuals seeking long-term business growth and success. By attending this event, you can acquire the necessary skills to create irresistible and highly converting offers, ultimately propelling your business forward.

I have provided a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of attending this program, and now the decision rests in your hands. If you are genuinely ambitious and eager to learn from renowned entrepreneurs, I strongly encourage you to join this event. Wishing you the best of luck for the three remarkable days ahead.

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