a blog post giving details of the 10 ai tools that can help your agency run more efficiently

10 AI Tools That Can Help Your Agency Run More Efficiently

As an agency owner, I understand the challenges that come with running an agency. With AI technology, there are now tools that can help streamline our processes, saving time and making us more efficient.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to some of the AI tools that I’ve been playing around with myself that I believe can help agency owners become more efficient.


The first tool I want to introduce you to is Merlin.ai. It’s a tool that uses ChatGPT native to your Google Chrome platform.

If you hover over any text and hit the Merlin button in your Chrome extensions, it takes the context of the text and allows you to ask Merlin to write a response.

For example, if you receive an email that you need to respond to, you can ask Merlin to write a rejection response for you, saving you time and effort.

The tool can also help you with your outreach emails if someone responds with an objection you’re not sure how to handle.

While this tool is currently limited, it’s not hard to imagine a future where we can automate email responses entirely with AI.

Link to the tool: Merlin.ai

Taplio: A Lead Generation Tool for LinkedIn Outreach

As a marketer, I’m always on the lookout for new tools that can help me optimize my outreach and save me time.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Taplio, a lead generation tool for LinkedIn that automates your engagement with prospects and sends mass direct messages (DMs) to potential leads.

How Taplio Works

Taplio allows you to create lead lists based on the criteria you input, such as job title, industry, or location.

Once you have your list, you can highlight all the people on it and send them DMs in bulk.

This saves you a lot of time compared to manually copy-pasting messages to each prospect.

But, be aware that generic copy-pasted messages won’t be as effective. It’s important to add some personalization to your messages to make them stand out from the crowd.

Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach

Taplio also offers auto-DMs, so you can automatically message people who engage with your content.

For example, if you’re working with chiropractors, you can create content that helps them get more clients, and then ask your audience to comment “more” for a call to action.

You can set an auto-DM to reach out to those who comment with “more” and generate leads for you.

If you integrate Taplio with your CRM system, you can easily manage your leads and streamline your sales process. I highly recommend using a CRM system if you’re not already using one.

My Personal Experience

I used LinkedIn a lot in previous sales jobs and got great results from it. However, I don’t currently need to do LinkedIn outreach on my personal account, so I didn’t log in to Taplio during this video.

Nonetheless, Taplio is a valuable tool that I would recommend to anyone who wants to save time and streamline their LinkedIn outreach.

Link to the tool: Taplio

3. BHuman.AI: The Third Of the Best AI Tools

The third tool I want to introduce you to is BHuman.AI. This is an AI-based video personalization tool that allows you to record a video and then change it and adapt it based on your textual input.

With BHuman.AI, you can change the name, product name, or company name in your video. As an agency owner, this is particularly useful for video outreach. Video outreach is a great way to secure meetings with potential clients.

However, it can be time-consuming to create and send personalized videos to a large number of people.

With BHuman.AI, you can record one good video outreach and dynamically update the name to create hundreds of outreach videos with just a couple of clicks.

What’s more, you can clone your own voice using BHuman.AI. The platform has its own training process where you read a bunch of different texts.

It takes a little while, but once it’s done, the platform will learn your voice. Then, when you create a video, it will dynamically update your voice based on your textual input.

BHuman.AI has many use cases beyond video outreach. For example, you could use it to create personalized videos to welcome new subscribers to your client’s newsletter.

While I have found BHuman.AI to be a little clunky and glitchy based on my experience, I believe that this technology will only get better with time.

As AI becomes more popularized, the pressure is on companies like BHuman.AI to stay at the top of their game.

So, keep your eyes on BHuman.AI as I think it’s a tool that many agency owners will be using in the very near future.

Link to the tool: BHuman.ai

Brand Mark

The second tool I want to show you is Brand Mark. This tool is particularly useful for those of you who are yet to start your agencies.

Many people who want to start their own agency get stuck on creating their logo, building their name, and building their website.

Brand Mark is a tool that can help you get rid of this time-consuming task.

With Brand Mark, you can create or generate a logo for your agency. Let’s say you want to name your agency “Swift Agency.”

You can enter your agency name and a slogan, as well as brand keywords and a simple color style. Brand Mark will then generate a bunch of logos based on your input.

While the logo that Brand Mark generates may not be the final logo that you go with, it will at least give you some really good inspiration.

If you’re not graphic design-oriented and don’t have the skills to create your own logo, Brand Mark is a great place to start.

Link to the tool: Brandmark

Ad Creative.ai

As a marketer, I’m always looking for new tools that can save me time and improve my productivity.

One of the tools that I’ve recently discovered is Ad Creative.ai. This tool generates ads for you based on your input.

All you need to do is connect your client’s ad accounts to the tool, and it will learn all of the best-performing creatives. It can create tens and tens more iterations of those exact creatives using an algorithm that learns exactly how to get you conversions on those creatives as well.

This means you get creatives optimized for sales and conversions, which is so vital for small agencies.

If you’re a small agency and you’ve signed up a few clients, you’ve got somebody who’s spending thousands of pounds on a monthly basis. It’s going to come to a point where Canva designs just won’t cut it anymore.

You need to get a graphic designer on board, but you can’t warrant paying a graphic designer a full-time wage. You have to pay someone part-time, which can be very expensive and cost you hundreds if not thousands.

But you could use a tool like Ad Creative.ai, and you can dynamically create tens and tens of different ads to test out for that client without having to do any graphic design yourself or pay anyone to do it for you.

That’s pretty incredible, and we’re testing this out with a lot of our clients right now and getting some really great results.

So, test it out, especially if you’re working with Ecom clients, but it’ll work for lead generation as well.

Link to the tool: Ad Creative.ai


Another tool that I’ve been using to boost my productivity is Texts.com. It compiles all of your messages from a number of different apps into one place.

Maybe you can allocate one hour a day to just looking through all of your messages and responding to everyone.

This is something that I think I struggled with for a long time. I get messages from people from all different apps, but it takes so much time and zaps so much time going into different apps every single day and looking at messages.

You end up missing people out and so on. Now you can add all of the most important apps to you into this tool and then maybe just allocate an hour a day to actually going through them.

This way, you’ll better time manage your text responses, your email responses, or whatever.

You’ll also filter out the share-it and stop distracting yourself from stuff that you don’t actually need to respond to.

Link to the tool: Texts.com


I recently discovered Otter.ai, which is very cool. This is a Zoom-based add-in you can probably use for other tools as well. Using a transcription tool during your Zoom calls can save you time and effort from taking notes. With this tool, all of your Zoom calls can be recorded and transcribed automatically. The transcription software can even write out the transcriptions for you, making it easy to search through the content and review it at any time. If you’ve got team meetings or if you’re onboarding a client and you want to revert back to anything that you’ve said in that meeting, you can do that here without having to write any notes off the back of the meeting itself.

Link to the tool: Otter.ai


The final productivity tool that I want to talk about is Rewind.ai. It’s called “the search engine of your life”. How many times have you said something to someone on a call or you’ve typed in something on the internet and you wanted to revert back to it at another time, but you simply cannot find that thing? Maybe you’ve had a Zoom call with one of your team members or had a conversation with someone and you forgot a key detail that was mentioned. Rewind.ai solves this problem by providing a searchable archive of your digital conversations. It uses AI to transcribe and analyze your conversations, whether they are on Zoom, Teams, or any other platform, and stores them securely. With Rewind.ai, you can easily search through your conversations using keywords, dates, or even speaker names to find that important piece of information you need. This tool is particularly useful for professionals who have multiple meetings and calls in a day and need to keep track of all the important information discussed.

Link to the tool: Rewind.ai

Mid-Journey: One Of The Best AI Tools For Image Generation

The ninth on the list is Mid-Journey, an AI tool that creates stunningly realistic high-definition art. You wouldn’t be able to tell if a true artist created this or not. The system can generate AI art that spans everything, including website designs, which can be used for inspiration. If you are interested in learning how to create AI art, Chad GPD has put together a whole video on it on his other channel.

Link to the too: Midjourney

Adobe Podcast: The Last Of The Top 10 AI Tools

Adobe Podcast is one of the newest AI tools that enhances audio. Currently, in beta, you can request access, but if you already have an Adobe account, you should be able to sign in straight away. The tool essentially removes background noise and makes the microphone sound much higher. It is an excellent tool for improving the quality of your audio recordings.

Link to the tool: Adobe Podcast

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