GPT-4 drawing to Website

GPT-4 Drawing: The Exciting and Scary Future of AI

Introduction: GPT-4 Drawing

We all had those discussions about whether or not ChatGPT will replace developers and if you have settled most of those discussions with a “no”, then my friend, you need to reconsider your decision because what OpenAI just showed us “GPT-4 drawing to website” is absolutely going to blow your mind.

OpenAI’s Live Video Demonstrating GPT-4 Drawing

OpenAI released a live video a couple of weeks ago demonstrating their large language model called GPT-4. It was done by Greg Brockman, the co-founder of OpenAI, and if you are a developer, you will be scared by the things it can do. I’m not going to show you the whole video because you can watch that yourself, but what I want to discuss here are basically two things.

The First Exciting Thing

As you can see in the video, Greg was able to generate a fully functional Discord part using GPT-4. He had some initial hiccups, but he kept on feeding the error message that he got to the model, and the model in the end was able to create a fully functional Discord. That was really impressive and really amazing.

The Second Mind-Blowing Thing: GPT-4 Drawing

Then what he did is he took a picture of a mock-up that he had literally drawn with his hand on a piece of paper and then he fed it to the model, and the model was able to generate code for that marker. The model understood that he drew a mock-up of a website and was able to generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for that website, which just absolutely blew my mind.

Let’s watch it:

This is the link of the video that contain how to transform GPT-4 drawing to an website.

“I’m here, okay. Nice hand-drawn mock-up of a joke website, definitely worthy of being put up on my refrigerator. I’m just going to pick up my phone in order to really take a photo of this mock-up.”

So he just literally took a photo of the mock-up and he feeds it to the GPT-4 model. Remember that he created a Discord bot that connected with the GPT-4 API, and now he is using Discord to send this message to the API, which uses GPT-4 in the background.

“And so we can actually take now this output. So literally, we just said to output the HTML from that picture.”

“Actual working JavaScript filled in the jokes. For comparison, this was the original copy of our mock-up.”

And there you go, going from hand-drawn beautiful art, if I do say so myself, to a working website.

The Potential of GPT-4

As you can see, this is really impressive and really amazing. Think of the potential of this technology that we just have in front of us right now. I have seen its other potential to Turn Your Napkin Drawing into a Website.

We don’t know what we can do with it. The applications are endless. Down the line in the future, when there is GPT-7 or GPT-10 or GPT-5, maybe, I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but yeah, it’s going to replace a lot of our work, that’s for sure.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about it. If you want to learn how to get access to GPT-4, then for free, read this “GPT-4: How To Get Access To For Free“. Until then, peace out.

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