Elon Musk unveils xAI, an AI company that uses tweets to train its models. xAI aims to create a "maximally curious" AI that aligns with human values.

xAI is an AI company that builds an alternative to ChatGPT, the popular language model by OpenAI. xAI wants to make a more truthful and ethical AI.

xAI's team includes engineers from OpenAI, Google, Facebook, and Meta. The company is led by Musk himself, who has been concerned about AI safety for years.

xAI faces competition from established players like OpenAI, Google, Meta, and Microsoft. xAI also needs to ensure its AI is safe, reliable, fair, and transparent.

To learn more about xAI, you can follow Elon Musk’s Twitter account. To learn more about xAI, you can swipe up to the webpage.