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5 Free Alternatives to MidJourney

BlueWillow is a free AI art maker that makes beautiful pictures from what you say. You can use it for logos, digital art, images, and more. Bluewillow is easy to use and suitable for everyone. Just put in what you want and let the AI do everything else.


Leonardo AI is a platform for making pretty 2D things and textures for video games using intelligent AI. You can also make full UV maps for 3D models. Leonardo AI can do everything if you need something like things, people, cars, buildings, or ideas for art.


Stable Diffusion is a tool to make accurate and detailed pictures of landscapes, animals, plants, and people using fancy models. You can control how the images look with sliders for style, quality, and differences. Stable Diffusion is quick, sound, and fun to use.

Stable Diffusion

Crayon is a tool that helps you draw anything in your head with the help of AI. You can make sketches and let AI finish them or use AI as a friend to create ideas and different things. Crayon is excellent for making stuff and finding new things to do.


DALL-E 2 is a tool that makes amazing pictures from words and pictures. It builds on the original DALL-E by OpenAI. You can put words and pictures together to create new and surprising things. DALL-E 2 is suitable for telling stories and trying new things.